How to Enjoy Ekinaka

“Ekinaka” is the nickname that savvy travelers use for the inside of Japan’s train stations, packed with everything you may ever need.
Inside ekinaka you’ll find solutions to solve any travel woes, all while enjoying the best of shopping, good eats, or just picking up a few souvenirs. For overseas travelers, the Welcome Suica is the recommended ticket option, available with no additional deposit or issuing fees. You can even use it for shopping at most stores around town.
Below is a handy little guide to kick off your travels in Japan with ease and a dash of extra fun.

Tips for Enjoying Ekinaka

  • A line-up of shops where you can buy famous products from all around Japan!
  • There's also anything and everything in terms of what you might want to eat, so enjoy the great variety of gourmet food!
  • Get the Ekinaka limited goods and special, station-only goods!

Recommended Facilities

Recommended Spots

Duty-Free Shops

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JR East “ekinaka” hubs are run by JR-Cross, a company member of East Japan Railway Company.
With a continued promise of high quality products and service,
travelers from overseas can expect the utmost in safe, reliable service for their next train trip.