Shokudo Karika—Enjoy Nepalese curry on the white beaches of Okinawa!

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It's time to head to Nanjo City, Okinawa's Niihara beach! Why? For Nepalese curry at Shokudo Karika, of course! Come grab your piece of paradise; there's the blue sea and sky, white beaches, and delicious curry awaiting you. Authentic curry made from spices by a fabulous Nepalese cook.

A true beachfront shop with a shell-decorated exterior!

Order from the white counter and grab a table on the beach.

I decided on the Mutton Curry (1,200 yen). The lunch special, Karika Special, sounded good too, however: 2 types of curry with rice, a mini salad, and a plain lassi or chai tea for 1,350 yen.

I was told that the Mutton Curry is the spiciest dish on the menu. However, the cook was willing to adjust the level of spice if needed.

There was certainly more to the flavour than spices alone. The stewed vegetables seemed to add another layer of complexity. And the mutton, well, it blended into the dish perfectly.

Feel the sun shining on your face and the salty sea breeze blowing over you as you indulge in some hot curry. Take your time. Gaze out into the sea. Experiences like this are what the beach is all about!

I was surprised to find that many of the spices were incorporated whole, and it felt so authentic! A squeeze of lemon on top added a nice sour accent to the curry as well.

No matter the season, if the weather is nice, I highly urge you to check out this restaurant! Why not pop over for some curry after a swim?

Man, was that satisfying.

【Shokudo Karika】

Address:1360 Hyakuna, Tamagusuku, Nanjo City, Okinawa
Business Hours:10:00-21:00(L.O.)
Closed:April-Nov. Open until evening on Tuesdays, Dec.-March Closed Tuesdays and days with poor weather conditions / typhoons

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