Okinawa – Challenging Level 50 Spiciness! Soup Curry Shop “Ajitoya”

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I visited the soup curry shop “Ajitoya,” near Okinawa’s famous sightseeing location Shuri Castle!
Soup curry is a Hokkaido specialty, where rice is soaked in a smooth curry soup base.
According to the shops Hokkaido-native owner, authentic soup curry is extremely popular with Okinawans!

As expected, the restaurant was crowded at lunch time; lots of cars were parked in front of it!

Curry you can choose the spiciness level of!

The menu for soup curries has 8 varieties available, including chicken, vegetable, bacon, and tofu curries.
There are also 5 varieties of keema curry available. You can choose a spiciness level from 0 to 100, with spicy curries from levels 60 to 100 costing an extra 50 yen.

This time, I went with the tender chicken curry (880 yen), with cabbage as an additional topping (50 yen). I chose a spiciness level of 50!
In addition to the chicken, there were plenty of vegetables in the soup, including carrots, potato, eggplant, and bitter melon. The vegetables are put in after the soup has cooked, so their flavors aren’t eclipsed by the curry.

Spicy and delicious curry!
The curry uses Okinawan and Sri Lankan spices, as well as brown sugar.
There’s a depth of flavor and an abundance of spices!
I didn’t think that even the level 50 was too spicy, perhaps because I had cabbage as an additional topping.
People who really enjoy spicy food should maybe order from the higher levels.

The rice that comes with it is turmeric rice.
At first, I was dipping each bite of rice into the soup as I took it, but I decided it was a pain partway through and just dumped it all in.

All the rice I put in absorbed the soup and was delicious.
Incidentally, you can get your first extra helping of the turmeric rice for free.

This was a delicious meal! The portions were generous, and I left satisfied!
I felt like I was able to get a taste of authentic Hokkaido cuisine from Japan’s north while in the southern Okinawa.

Ajitoya Shuri Castle Location

1-37-3 Shurisakiyamacho, Naha City, Okinawa
8 minutes on foot from Yui Rail’s Suri Station
Business Hours
11:00-15:00 / 18:00-21:00
No scheduled holidays


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