A plate of dry curry and an omelette at 「Loup-de-mer」in Kanda, Tokyo. What a glorious combination!

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In Kanda there is a Yoshoku (the Japanese form of european cooking) speciality restaurant called「Loup-de-mer」. The owner/chef is Masayuki Suzuki. He used to be an executive chef at the well known french restaurant 「Brasserie dompierre」in Kyobashi. These details make a trip to this restaurant sound promising.

One of their house specialties is the「omelet on dry curry」 . Wherever good food is found, There I`ll be!

I walked about 5 minutes from the west gate(Nishiguchi) of the JR Kanda station. I found the building where「Loup-de-mer」is located on a busy street full of restaurants and diners. It’s on the 2nd floor.

At the entrance of the building, I found their small signboard.

When you get to the 2nd floor, the entrance is easy to spot. The restaurant is decorated in a white colour scheme and Jazz is playing. I felt as if I was in a casual french dining atmosphere right away.

They have a great selection of classic Yoshoku dishes such as crab cream croquette, menchi katsu(deep fried breaded hamburger), hamburgers, beef stew and so on. They also offer a seasonal menu. I had a hard time choosing an item to order because everything looked so good.

I went with the famous 「omelet on dry curry」(¥1580).
Oh man, I could just tell the omelette was so fluffy by the look of it. Now let’s begin to taste the food.

I cut into the centre of the omelette…

Look at that! It opened up beautifully, the egg was creamy.
Bon appétit!

Spicy curry simmered with beef and vegetables, topped with a beautiful fluffy omelet! It’s to die for!

I could taste Sansho(Japanese pepper)in the minced beef dry curry. I could just picture the chef in the kitchen preparing the curry with care.

What a luxury! You can enjoy the taste of 2 well known Yoshoku dishes, dry curry and an omelette, on the same plate.

Consommé soup was served with the meal. The fried onion topping made it so tasty and aromatic.

I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant as well. I want to come back and try out the entire menu. Strongly recommended.


Address:2nd Floor, Saitoh building, 3Chome-10-7, Uchikanda, Chiyoda ward, Tokyo
Business Hours:11:30~14:30(L.O.) / 17:30~20:30(L.O.)(Saturday 20:00 L.O.) / Holidays 11:30~16:00
Closed:Sundays, second Monday of the month
Access:From JR Kanda station, 5 minutes on foot

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