GEO, Japan’s leading second hand shop for mobiles, games and DVDs, is introducing tax free shopping!

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GEO specializes in used mobiles, games and videos/DVDs and boasts a network of 1300 stores all over Japan.

Four stores in the areas of Tokyo (Akihabara), Nagoya (Osu) and Osaka (Nippombashi) are now introducing tax free shopping!

At the following stores, used mobile goods, particularly Android and iPhones, can be purchased with an additional 8% discount.

The stores are located near tourists spots and train stations and offer assistants speaking English and Chinese (*English only in Osaka).

Shop assistants are happy to offer free advice on products such as smartphones and to point out the SIM card/mobile device most suitable to you.

Offering a wide variety of the latest models, peripheral equipment and accessories, GEO’s range of products is one of the best in Japan. You can be sure to find very reliable products under Japanese management.

GEO Akiba Store
Address: Sotokanda 1-14-1, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

GEO Osu Shintenchi-Dori Store
Address: Naka-ku Osu 3-20-12, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya.

GEO Osu Banshoji-Dori Store
Address: Naka-ku Osu 3-25-24, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya.

GEO Nippombashi Store
Address: Nihonbashi 4-11-1, Osaka Naniwa-ku, Osaka.