Enjoy a fabulous ice-cream parfait in Sapporo, Hokkaido

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Written by Takashi Sato

Spring and Summer are the best seasons in Hokkaido. If you visit during those seasons be sure to enjoy Hokkaido`s dairy products, especially ice-cream. In Hokkaido fresh dairy products are abundant due to the number of farms on the island.

「MISSU HOUSE」 is a shop in Sapporo that`s popular for it`s old fashioned hand made ice-cream. They are proud of the ingredients they use which are all strictly sourced in Hokkaido. The result is delicious quality ice-cream. You can chose classic flavours, vanilla and chocolate but you can also have local Hokkaido flavours such as Hasukappu(honeyberry) and corn.

MISSU HOUSE`S main branch is located in the hilly town of Fushimi. Nearby there is a popular tourist spot called Mount Moiwa.

The 1st floor of the building is a Gelateria. There are more than 20 kinds of ice-cream on offer. Home crafted soft serve is only ¥330. On the 2nd floor you can enjoy their parfaits. When I visited I was seated on the terrace where I could take in the view of Sapporo city.

They offer their regular parfait menu as well as a changing monthly menu. You can try a different flavour every month.

When I visited in May, they had the「Sakura matcha mousse parfait」(¥850) as the featured parfait of the month. The soft serve was on Sakura flavoured ice-cream and agar agar. It was decorated with matcha mousse and shiratama(small sticky rice cakes). Chopped Sakura leaves were skillfully mixed into the ice-cream. It was certainly the taste of Spring!

「Raspberry yogurt parfait」(¥850) is a popular selection from the parfait menu. Instead of vanilla, they use yogurt soft serve, raspberry sorbet and they drizzle it with sauce. It looked so fancy.

If you`d like more of a Japanese flavour then 「Cream zenzai」 (¥770) is just right for you. Try the soft serve with sweet red bean paste and shiratama(small sticky rice cakes).

Fushimi inari shrine is right next to the MISSU HOUSE. Enjoy the atmosphere by pausing at the red gates for a quiet moment. Go for a walk and stop by MISSU HOUSE for your break.
Don’t forget to enjoy their fantastic parfaits!

「MISSU HOUSE」 Fushimi Shop

Address:2 Chome-2-20 Fushimi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture
Business Hours:
▼Hand made ice-cream speciality shop, Gelateria(1F)
(Summer time May-September) 11:00-18:00 / (Winter time October-April) 11:00-17:30
▼Homemade parfait speciality shop, Parfait terrace(2F)
(Summer time May-September) 11:00-18:30(L.O.18:00) / (Winter time October-April)11:00-18:00(L.O.17:30)
Closed:Every Monday (Following day will be closed if it is on holiday)
Access:15minutes walk from 「ropeway iriguchi station」 on the Sapporo city tram

Takashi Sato


Birth place: Hokkaido prefecture

Takashi Sato