I visited Daisekirinzan in Yambaru, Okinawa, and felt the earth’s energy!

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Northern Okinawa is called Yambaru. It is a place where they are proud of their natural surroundings. Going farther north, there is a place called Daisekirinzan, locals call it “power spot”. It is said, there you can experience the earth`s energy flowing. One sunny day I hiked there to enjoy nature in the subtropical zone. I found strange shaped rocks, massive stones, and forest and ocean views from the plateau.

Kayauchi banta, before arriving at Daisekirinzan.

Daisekirinzan is located on the northern tip of Okinawa. But before arriving there, be sure to stop and enjoy the many lovely view points along the way. I decided to stop by at Kayauchibanta. From Kayauchibanta to Daisekirinzan it is about a 5 minute drive. Banta means cliff in the Okinawan dialect and Kaya is the word for the grass used for thatching roofs. It’s been said the place got it`s name when a bundle of Kaya was thrown from the top of a cliff and the strong wind pulled the bundle apart.
Address: Ginama, Kunigami-son, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture

You can enjoy an amazing view from a 100 m sheer cliff. From here you will have a panoramic view of the west side of the Okinawa main island.

I enjoyed a refreshing breeze while looking out at the boundless ocean.

Finally, visiting Daisekirinzan

I drove another 5 minutes from Kayauchibanta, and arrived at Daisekkirinzan. First I parked the car at the parking lot. Then I boarded the microbus. While waiting for the bus, I read the information board.

On the bumpy microbus.

This is the spot where we get off and walked.

Don’t worry! There are a number of trekking courses. Children and elderly can enjoy the nature here too. There is a course for the handicapped as well. If you are strong, the 「strange and big rock course」 is recommended. You can find the entrance if you go back little bit from the drop off point.

I am confident in my stamina so I chose this course.

Right away I came across the big rock, so I jumped!

Look at the big rocks and great nature! Without a doubt, I can feel the earth`s energy. I can feel the energy coursing through my whole body.

Roots on the rocks.

The roots are coming out from between the rocks. It must’ve taken a long long time to grow in this way.

This is the best part of the course. Here you can see strange rocks called Gokuiwa

When you climb to the top you can look over the Yambaru forest.

Lucky stone

[Lucky stone]
[Lucky stone]

The stone of reincarnation.
They say if you pass through the stone once, you can throw away your bad past. If you pass through a second time you can reset everything and on the third time, you are born anew.

[The stone of reincarnation]
[The stone of reincarnation]

Going farther there is a lookout. From there you will be able to see the cape of Hedo, the northern tip of Okinawa`s main island.

Yoron island is beyond cape Hedo.

A quiet place of worship in-between rocks.

You will find information posted in Japanese while trekking.

After an hour of trekking I came back to the drop off point.

You can take a microbus back again, or you can walk back to the parking lot. I decided to walk the 「Banyan road」.

Banyan road

You can see several big banyan trees.

This one is called the happy banyan tree.

I enjoyed this one of a kind trekking experience!

Whale watching at the cape Hedo.

I drove another 5 minutes from Daisekirinzan to see the ocean, sky and Yoron island. And as I stood atop the lookout, guess what? I saw a whale!

I enlarged the photo of the whale!

I couldn’t believe I saw a whale from shore. No wonder locals refer to the Daisekirinzan as a place for good luck. I definitely recommend you visit Daisekirinzan. Enjoy the drive in Yambaru area on a nice sunny day!

Basic information on Daisekirinzan


1241 Ginama, Kunigami-son, Kunigami-district, Okinawa-ken
April~September 9:00AM-17:00(close the gate at 18:00)
October~March 9:00AM-16:00(close the gate at17:30)