DAISO’s cactus candles! – A review of affordable items

Written by secci
2 Jan 2017
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Who doesn’t want to buy lovely yet affordable stuff!? If you love a good deal, keep reading this series—it’s for you! I will keep you updated on all the best finds from a variety of Japan’s popular 100 yen and 300 yen shops!
This time I picked up DAISO’s cactus candles to share with you!

DAISO is a popular 100 yen shop in Japan! Its the top 100 yen chain in Japan, owning more than 2900 shops! DAISO develops and releases about 300-500 new products each month. To my surprise many of them are high quality “made in Japan” products for only ¥100!

cactus candles

100 yen each (Tax excl.)
DAISO, cactus candles
[cactus candles]

I bought cactus shaped candles at DAISO! I found out about this item through Instagram and have been wanting to get them ever since. The other day I finally found 3 sets sold at DAISO, so I grabbed them!

DAISO, cactus candles
[cactus candles]

If they were just cactus ornaments, I would still buy them, but they are actually candles! How practical!
I would say they look pretty real.

DAISO, cactus candles
[cactus candles]

And I got 2 candles in one package!

DAISO, cactus candles
[cactus candles]

A steal of a deal! You get such kitschy candles for only ¥100!
I think it’s a great gift idea since it comes in a box.
I hope they release more candles in wider variations such as succulents or air plants (Tillandsia) versions in the future!