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Located in the middle of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, Umihotaru is a rest area above the sea!
A wide variety of dining options are available in Umihotaru, including udon, ramen, sushi, hamburgers, tempura bowls, sweets, coffee, pizza, and more!
Umihotaru also is the only place to try certain foods, such as dishes using Kisarazu clams, so many guests come to try these exclusive meals.


In addition, Umihotaru features a free rest area where you can watch the ocean, wheelchair-accessible purikura booths, time capsules where you can send letters to arrive in a year, the Bell of Happiness, souvenir corners, and more! There are plenty of places and attractions to visit.
The sunset and nighttime views from Umihotaru are also very beautiful!

Umihotaru, Night View
[Umihotaru, Night View]

Why not stop by on your way through the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line?
※Entry, rest areas, and parking for Umihotaru are free, but there is a toll for passing through the Aqua Line (highway) by car. Bus routes are also available from Kisarazu Station and Kawasaki Station.

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