“Majime na Tokeiya (Honest watch shop) KAME-KICHI”; a specialty store for wrist watches in Nakano, Tokyo offering a bargain sale.

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26 May 2017
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”Majime na Tokeiya KAME-KICHI”; a specialty store specializing in luxury wrist watches is offering a big sale for well-known brand watches. Given that they will be celebrating their 20 years of business since March 1998, this sale is to thank their customers in a special way.

Though their watches are discounted from retail prices to begin with, during the sales, more than 30 new/pre-owned/men’s/ladies’ luxury watches are discounted by ¥100,000 to ¥600,000.
In this article, we will introduce you 2 watches that the store owner recommends to check out, and also a rare piece, though not part of the sale, which we know watch enthusiasts cannot resist.

Recommended Watch #1

<Brand Name:PATEK PHILIPPE, Model Name: Annual Calendar, Product #:5205R-010>

The brand, PATEK PHILIPPE is known to be one of the best of all. Needless to say, ”Majime na Tokeiya KAME-KICHI” carries a wide selection of their watches, but among them, one of the most recommended is a model called “Annual Calendar”. This watch is equipped with a feature to always display a correct date and a day of the week by setting it up only once a year. Based on the philosophy that “Any useful watches with any kinds of complicated features have to be easily handled”, this feature became possible only by utilizing mainsprings and gears. Though a pre-owned, fix-up was completed by the manufacturer in 2017.

Its regular price is ¥4,598,950. During the sales, the price is reduced to ¥4,249,850, a discount of ¥349,100.

“Annual Calendar” by PATEK PHILIPPE
“Annual Calendar” by PATEK PHILIPPE

Recommended Watch #2

<Brand Name: PATEK PHILIPPE, Model Name: Twenty-4, Product #: 4914G >

The next watch, “Twenty-4” is also by PATEK PHILIPPE. It is a model for women and the name of it literally expresses their wish “to be worn around a wrist by a woman for 24 hours”. The scattered diamonds that lead to the dial of the watch look very elegant. The design of the watch brings out any clothes worn no matter whether casual daily outfits or gorgeous party dress. Though a pre-owned, the watch is in an excellent condition.

During the sales, the regular price of ¥2,289,850 is marked down to ¥1,898,950; a discount of ¥390,900.

“Twenty-4” by PATEK PHILIPPE
“Twenty-4” by PATEK PHILIPPE

Recommended Watch #3:

<Brand name: OMEGA, Model Name: Speedmaster Professional Snoopy Award Limited Edition, Product #: 311.>

The next watch is OMEGA; a brand loved by celebrities in the world. We got the news that ”Majime na Tokeiya KAME-KICHI” now carries one of OMEGA’s rare models, “Speedmaster Professional Snoopy Award Limited Edition” in stock.

A rare model by OMEGA
A rare model by OMEGA

“Silver Snoopy Award” is an award that NASA gives to people and companies that contributed to the accomplishments and safety of space development plans and also space flights missions. This is a model introduced to celebrate OMEGA’s 45 years anniversary after receiving the award in 1970.

Snoopy on the back
Snoopy on the back

OMEGA received the award after the oxygen tank explosion that happed in the spacecraft; Apollo 13. What happened was, after the explosion, all computers in the spacecraft became uncontrollable. In that condition, the crew had to precisely time “14 seconds” that they needed for a course correction using an OMEGA watch to complete a reverse flow injection. Though under a critical condition, Speedmaster presented its extreme accuracy and helped the spacecraft to return to the planet Earth safely. On a dial of this model, between 0 and 14 seconds, you can see a framed cartoon displaying an image in 14 seconds that the space craft successfully completed the course correction. The cartoon is also highlighted by a text that reads “What could you do in 14 seconds?” a reference to the drams in the spacecraft.

A rare and valuable model only limited to 1970 pieces related to the year 1970 when the incident happened. On sale for ¥1,989,850.

Comes with myriads of episodes regarding the space
Comes with myriads of episodes regarding the space

Tax-free system is applicable for items that are subject to discounts, so those visiting Japan from abroad can receive even bigger discounts!
The store can be easily accessed by taking a JR Chuo-line train from Shinjuku. Nakano station is only one station away from Shinjuku and from there, it’s only a 3 minutes’ walk to the store!

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