Nagasaki Kunchi – A fall festival complete with an impressive dragon dance!

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This exciting fall festival celebrated at Nagasaki City's Suwa Shrine is one you won't want to miss. With a history of over 370 years, it is the most famous festival in Nagasaki. At the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival you can watch dances which incorporate the influence of Portuguese, Dutch, and Chinese culture on the area. While watching the spectacular dragon dance, spectators encouragingly yell "Mottekoi!"which means "Encore!"

The “Honbasho” Main Stages

There are 4 main dance stages referred to as “honbasho”: Suwa Shrine, Otabisho, Yasaka Shrine, and Chuo Park. Every year, seats in the paid seating stand are so popular you have to be extremely lucky to get your hands on them.

Experience the custom of garden showing for free

You can follow the floats as they walk through the city dancing and offering good fortune while they visit supporting shops and households that open up their gardens to the public, a custom called garden showing.

You can pick up a map featuring the locations where they will visit during the 3-day garden showing at various locations such as Nagasaki Station. The information will also be available on their website from the end of September.

The taikoyama, which is as heavy as 1 tonne, is carried on the shoulders of 36 men. During the climax, it’s thrown into the air and caught again after clapping quickly. This exciting performance will have you shouting “Mottekoi!” with everyone around you!

Video of Nagasaki Kunchi

Basic information on Nagasaki Kunchi

Basic information on Nagasaki Kunchi

18-15 Kaminishiyamamachi, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture (Suwa Shrine)
095-822-0111 (Core Communicate in Nagasaki)
Festival Period
October 7 to 9 every year
Participation Fee
Free (Seats in the paid seating stands are fee-based.)
URL (Japanese)