Can Do’s Hair Treatment Ellips– A review of affordable items

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Who doesn’t want to buy lovely yet affordable stuff!? If you love a good deal, keep reading this series—it’s for you! I will keep you updated on all the best finds from a variety of Japan’s popular 100 yen and 300 yen shops! This time, I’ll be introducing Can Do’s Ellips series of products!


Can Do
100 yen each (Tax excl.)

Have you heard of “Ellips,” the hair treatment oil that doesn’t wash out?
This quality hair oil was designed in Indonesia, which gets particularly strong UV rays.
Last year Can Do began to sell Ellips, which had previously been pricy to purchase in Japan, and they were such an immediate hit that people were buying them up in multiple sets! Now they’re introducing new varieties to the brand!
6 single-use portions cost 100 yen. It’s much cheaper than other purchase methods like buying online!

Ellips Yellow
Ellips Yellow

The different varieties of Ellips are indicated by colors.
The yellow variety is silky smooth. It leaves your hair shiny and smooth enough to run through with your fingers.
It has a tropical scent.

Ellips Pink
Ellips Pink

The pink version is made with jojoba and Moroccan oils, making it the ideal product for damaged hair.
Its rose scent is extravagant and pleasant.
The pink version is my personal favorite!

Ellips Black
Ellips Black

The black version is ideal for black hair.
It makes black hair smooth, glossy, and even more beautiful.
It has an elegant fragrance to it.

Previous Packaging on Left
Previous Packaging on Left

When they were first put up for sale in 2016 they were packaged in boxes, but you can see the new packaging on the right of this photo.

They’re still a hot topic on social media, and they still sell out from time to time.
I picked myself up 2 of each.

To use them, just cut off the tip of the capsule after towel-drying your washed hair, then apply the oil to all of your hair.
Just one capsule was plenty for me with my semi-long hair.
I was so happy to see my stiff and damaged hair become soft and silky smooth!
It doesn’t clump your hair even though it’s an oil-based product, which is a plus.

This is an excellent product that works well, uses natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin, and can even be easily taken with you when you travel thanks to its compact size.
At just 100 yen, this is a great deal on an excellent product you should at least try out!



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