Hyogo Prefecture – Head to Kidzania, where kids can have fun learning about the world of grownups!

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Kidzania, which is set up like a small town, is a place where kids can try their hands at a variety of popular careers while having fun and learning about how the world around them works. Children aged 3 to 15 can try around 100 different jobs and services. After they change into their new uniforms, the fun begins!

Entrance to Kidzania Koshien
Entrance to Kidzania Koshien

Realistic job experineces galore!

Kidzania features approx. 60 shops that actually exist in the real world, but they are made to be only 2/3 the size of the actual shops. And the entire pavillion is made to look like an actual small-scale town. While using realistic equipment and tools, children get to feel like they are really working—they even get paid for each job they do. They can use their hard-earned kidZos, the currency used in Kidzania, to go shopping or in exchange for other services.


We suggest buying your tickets online in advance! While you can buy them at the entrance if they aren’t already fully booked, there are never very many openings, so you may end up leaving disappointed. We also suggest researching which jobs your child wants to try beforehand so you can use your time there wisely.

Basic information on Kidzania Koshien

LaLaport Koshien, 1-100 Koshien Hachibancho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture
14-min walk from the east ticket exit of the Hanshin Electric Railway’s Koshien Station
0798-81-0171 (10:00-18:00)
Business hours
1st Shift 9:00-15:00, 2nd Shift 16:00-21:00
※The complete shift change happens on schedule.
No scheduled holidays
Admission fee
Adult 1,850 yen, Child (3 years+) 3,450 yen and up
※Prices vary depending on the child’s age. Please see the website for further details.
Accepted credit cards
American Express/Diners Club/JCB/MasterCard/Visa
URL (English)