Okinawa Prefecture – Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice at Fruits Parlor Ryu-Pin

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“Nakayukui Market at Onna no Eki” is a Michi-no-Eki (roadside rest area) located in Onna Village in the heart of Okinawa Prefecture.
It is located along Japan National Route 58, known for its stunning view of the coast, and is an extremely popular rest spot packed with souvenirs, local produce, and gourmet restaurants.
Fruits Parlor Ryu-Pin is a shaved ice shop that uses plenty of Okinawan fruits in their products. It is a famous shop that is often featured on TV or in guide books!

Fruits Parlor Ryu-Pin’s exterior
Fruits Parlor Ryu-Pin’s exterior

The shop is located outside, facing the parking lot.

Shaved Ice Menu (Partial)
Shaved Ice Menu (Partial)

They offer lots of flavors that aren’t commonly found on Japan’s mainland, such as purple yam, mango, and passionfruit!
Their most popular shaved ice is their Tropical Fruits version, which is made with 4 different types of fruit.

Ice Mountain Tropical Fruits – 1000 yen (Fruits Used May Vary By Season)
Ice Mountain Tropical Fruits – 1000 yen (Fruits Used May Vary By Season)

Four types of fruit, mango, strawberry, passionfruit, and pineapple, are piled on top of the fluffy shaved ice! It’s even topped with vanilla ice cream!

It was even larger than I had expected! It may seem like a splurge if you only look at the price of this shaved ice, but it’s large enough to easily share between 2-3 people and there are plenty of toppings, so its cost-performance is actually quite good!

The ice cream used is from “Blue Seal,” an Okinawan brand.
The luxurious house-made syrup used on the shaved ice is packed with bits of fruit. The shop purchases seasonal fruits directly from local farmers.

Even the ice doesn’t just taste like ice; it has a yogurt-like flavor to it.
It’s delicious, with a refreshing slight sweetness!

You get a plentiful portion of shaved ice with every order, but it pairs amazingly with the fruits, so it’s delicious even if you mix it together!
July and August are mango season in Okinawa, so if you’re lucky and visit during that period you can get shaved ice with fresh mango! (Typically uses frozen mango)
It’s certainly a perfect summer treat, but this shaved ice would be great year-round!

Basic information on Furuits Parlor Ryu-Pin

Inside Onna no Eki, 1656-9 Nakadomari, Onna Village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture
Business Hours
January 1st and 2nd