Yamaguchi Prefecture, a Festival with Over 290 Years of History: “Hagi Jidai Matsuri”

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The “Hagi Jidai Matsuri” is a traditional event with over 290 years of history held in Yamaguchi Prefecture’s Hagi City. During this event, over 200 people take part in the time-honored “Hagi Daimyo Procession” offertory queue that parades through the city.Along the road’s main points, in front of the kimono-clad girls riding kago, is where the “Zori Tori no Mai,” a dance with zori sandals, takes place.
(※Kago=A vehicle carried from the front and back by sticks, made of wood or bamboo, that are hung alongside the seat. Like a palanquin)
Additionally, another must-see is the “Choshu Ippon Yari,” in which long-handled spears are used in a splendid performance.

Hagi Jidai Parade

The “Hagi Jidai Parade” begins in the afternoon, during which historical picture rolls from the Edo Period (1603-1867) are unrolled. The route goes from Central Park to Kanayatenmagu.

Hagi Jidai Parade
[Hagi Jidai Parade]

Hagi Furusato Matsuri

The “Hagi Furusato Matsuri,” held during the same period as the Hagi Jidai Matsuri, is Hagi City’s largest industry festival, where around 100 shops all gather to promote and sell Hagi’s very own industries and specialty products. Of course, Hagi’s agricultural and fishery products are sold there, but they also sell foods like Hagi’s local dish “uni meshi” and salt-grilled freshwater trout. There are also various stage events during the festival.
Location: Central Park, Hagi Municipal Hall, Tamachi Shopping District

Video of Hagi Jidai Matsuri

Hagi Jidai Matsuri – Basic Information

Hagi Jidai Matsuri – Basic Information

552-2 Emukai, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture (Central Park)
Central Park, Hagi Castle Ruins, and various other locations throughout the city
70 minutes by bus on the JR Sanyo Shinkansen Line from Shin Yamaguchi Station, or 20 minutes by car from the Ogoori Hagi Highway Edou Interchange
November 11th