Osaka – Happy Hour Every Day! Popular Izakaya “Motsuyaki Erubisu”

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Motsuyaki Erubisu is an izakaya that proudly serves offal. As they purchase entire pigs, they’re also able to serve a variety of fresh parts that aren’t offered in other restaurants. On top of that, they’re both cheap and popular!
You can also enjoy sake cheaply at their “Happy Hour,” held daily from 4 pm until 6 pm!

By the way, you can get highballs for 50 yen each at the happy hour! Their mega-tankards are even a shockingly-low 90 yen!

Packed Inside
Packed Inside

The inside of the restaurant has counters and tables. There are also 2nd floor seats. The shop just opened in 2016, so it’s still pristine and clean.
It was packed with lots of customers on the day I visited.

A plentiful menu!

The menu has items to choose from ranging from 90 to 500 yen.

Food Menu
Food Menu

Soft drinks are 270 yen. There are options for even those who don’t drink alcohol!

Drink Menu
Drink Menu

First Off, a Drink!

Hoppy – 400 yen
Hoppy – 400 yen

Hoppy is a beer-flavored drink with just 0.8% alcohol content.
A 1:5 ratio of diluted shochu is also great.

Introducing Some Delicious Dishes~

Motsunikomi 390 yen

A Full Plate of Motsunikomi
A Full Plate of Motsunikomi

The pork offal is cooked down so gently that it feels like it could melt away. It’s so flavorful, and there’s no off smell at all!
The daikon radish and carrots simmered with the offal are great too. It makes me want some rice.

Cucumber Takaki 380 yen

Cucumber Takaki
Cucumber Takaki

This is simple and delicious!
The umami of the shiokombu (strips of kombu kelp cooked in soy sauce then dried) pairs well with the cucumber.

Kobukuro Sashimi 450 yen

Kobukuro Sashimi
Kobukuro Sashimi

Kobukuro is pig uterus.
It’s light and has no smell to it, with a pleasantly firm texture.
It’s great in the ponzu sauce!

Stomach Yukhoe 500 yen

Stomach Yukhoe
Stomach Yukhoe

This dish is made with pig stomach. While it’s called yukhoe (a Korean dish made with raw meat), the meat is cooked through.
It has a great firm texture to it!
It’s seasoned with ponzu mixed with grated daikon. The sweetness from the egg yolk makes a great accent.

Kinmiya Sharikin Baisu 450 yen

Kinmiya Sharikin Baisu
Kinmiya Sharikin Baisu

This is a drink made by mixing Kinmiya shochu and sherbet frozen together with high sour.
Baisu is sweet and sour with plum and shiso flavors; I could probably drink several glasses of this no problem.

The Motsuyaki, Carefully Grilled Over Charcoal, are Amazing!

You can order individual pieces of the motsuyaki, so I ordered one while I was enjoying the stomach.
If you’re not sure what to order, I recommend the “5 and 7 piece assortments.”

Liver – 1 skewer 90 yen


The huge pieces of liver were great!
It falls apart in your mouth after a bit of chewing.
The sweet and spicy sauce used further enhances the flavor of the liver!

Shiro – 1 skewer 90 yen


Shiro is made with part of the pig’s large intestine.
The shiro is grilled to a fragrant finish, and you immediately get a mouthful of meaty umami when you bite into it.
It has no off smell to it at all; too good!!

Fuwa – 1 skewer 100 yen


Part of the pig’s lungs. This is my first time trying it.
It has a really unique fluffy texture to it.

There were lots of other things I wanted to try, but I was already full!
I’ll definitely be back!

Basic information on “Motsuyaki Erubisu”

5-8-2 Tenjimbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
About 1 minute on foot from the #12 exit of Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchome Station
Business Hours
4 pm – 12 pm(L.O. 11 pm)
Open 365 days