Introducing Hokkaido's Longtime Best-Selling Cookie: Shiroi Koibito!

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Written by  Chigusa

For over 40 years, Shiroi Koibito (meaning "white lover" in Japanese) has been loved as a souvenir from Hokkaido.
With a tablet of white chocolate sandwiched between two langue de chat cookies, it's a really tasty treat!
Shiroi Koibito is nationally recognized as one of the highest-ranked sweet souvenirs of Japan. Every year, it competes against many other strong rivals in the Hokkaido souvenir market.

The Package

Shiroi Koibito (White) 9-piece box ¥576
Shiroi Koibito (White) 9-piece box ¥576

Since they were first sold, the packaging has never changed. Hokkaido's Mount Rishiri is depicted on the cover.
There is a wide selection of box sizes, from 9 to 54 pieces.

The main ingredients of these cookies, such as flour, milk and sugar, are high-quality products of Hokkaido.

The Delicious Taste that Never Changes

The soft cookie
The soft cookie

Between the two square cookies, a tablet of white chocolate sticks out a bit.
There's also a milk chocolate version.

The cross-section
The cross-section

The langue de chat cookie features a nice, buttery aroma and a delicate texture that almost melts in your mouth. The chocolate is thick and its sweetness is also exquisite!
While there are many similar sweets on the market, the delicious taste of Shiroi Koibito is really something special!
I hope these cookies always keep the same taste as they have now.

A Company Store is Open in Tokyo's Ginza SIX

By the way, the maker of these cookies, ISHIYA, has opened their first company store outside of Hokkaido in Tokyo's Ginza SIX shopping complex. Shiroi Koibito isn't sold there, but 6 types of sweets, such as langue de chat cookies, pies and cakes, are only available at this store. They're so popular that they often sell out, even on weekdays!!

Basic information on Shiroi Koibito

Product name in Japanese
¥576 (including tax) for a box of 9 cookies
* NOTE: These cookies are sold in various other package sizes
White : 60 calories/ Black: 59 calories per cookie
Shelf Life
180 days