The Limited-Edition, Hokkaido "White Black Thunder" is a Popular Chocolate!

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Written by  Chigusa

Not only inside Japan, but also overseas, "Black Thunder" is an extremely popular chocolate crunch bar.
The Hokkaido limited-edition "White Black Thunder", using white chocolate, also enjoys great popularity!

Although the bag is full of chocolate, the price is low. That's the key selling point!

The regular "Black Thunder" bar
The regular "Black Thunder" bar

By the way, this is the regular "Black Thunder", sold in supermarkets and convenience stores all over Japan.
At convenience stores, the per piece is ¥32, tax included.

I Tried the Mini-Size "White Black Thunder"!

Each piece is individually wrapped
Each piece is individually wrapped

Since it is "mini-size", this bar is about half as large as a regular Black Thunder.

The cross-section
The cross-section

The milk flavor is rich and delicious!
Inside the white chocolate, there is a cocoa cookie mixed with a hard biscuit.
With a good texture, it's quite sweet, so it will satisfy even those who have a sweet tooth!

The 12-piece box
The 12-piece box

At the Black Thunder factory, you can purchase local specialties and limited-edition items. Even if you have no plan to visit Hokkaido, be sure to check out the factory shops!

Tokyo Factory Company Store
Address: 1-94 Ogawa-cho, Kodaira City, Tokyo

Toyohashi Dream Factory Company Store
Address: 88 Zosha, Hara-cho, Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture

Basic information on White Black Thunder

¥360 for the mini-size pouch/ ¥648 for a 12-piece box/ ¥1080 for a 20-piece box/ ¥1620 for a 30-piece box (all tax-included)
67 kcal (per mini-size piece)