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Rokkatei Marusei Butter Sandwich

A long-time favorite confectionery representing Hokkaido, loved for over 50 years.

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Since its establishment in 1933, the long-established confectionery maker Rokkatei has been dedicated to creating snack sweets that can be enjoyed every day with pocket money. A long-seller since its launch in 1977, their products have been a staple Hokkaido souvenir, cherished for their never-tiring taste.

The biscuits are made from a special flour, baked to achieve a crisp and fragrant texture. They sandwich a unique cream blending white chocolate and raisins with 100% Hokkaido-produced fresh butter. The rich aroma of raisins and the creamy taste of butter are perfectly complemented by the savory biscuits. The confectionery's name, "Marusei Butter," is derived from the first butter produced in Tokachi by Benzō Yoda's Bansēsha group, a pioneer in Tokachi's development. The packaging also mirrors the "Marusei Butter" label, adding a retro and stylish look.

Conveniently individually wrapped, these treats are perfect for a small gift to colleagues or for personal and family enjoyment, leading many fans to purchase them in large quantities.


  • A long-selling product from Hokkaido's old-established confectionery shop Rokkatei.
  • Biscuits baked with special flour sandwiching raisin-infused homemade buttercream.
  • A Hokkaido souvenir staple since its introduction in 1977.


  • A classic confectionery representing Hokkaido.

    A classic confectionery representing Hokkaido.

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  • 米義凱



Name in Japanese
4 pieces for 580yen-
Sales Locations
Obihiro main store, Sapporo main store, and also available at major airports and department stores.
Expiration date
Store in a cool place below 25°C, good for 9-10 days from the manufacturing date.
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