Chifure Moisture Gel


The Only Gel You Need to Care for Your Face After Washing

This product has 6 properties. It’s a facial lotion, beauty serum, milky lotion, cream, facial mask and make-up foundation rolled into one. In Japan, many other companies produce all-in-one gels, but “Chifure Moisture Gel” has become very popular for its all inclusive functionality. In the morning you can skip the many steps of complicated skin care after washing your face and apply makeup right away. At night, you can use this product as a reliable skin care regime.
It is extremely soothing to the skin as well! It contains 4 moisturizing components: “hyaluronic acid”, “hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid”, “trehalose" and “Scutellaria root extract”. I can tell you these ingredients do wonderful things for your face. They deeply moisturize and soften your skin without leaving it feeling sticky. It feels so good when you apply it.


  • A gel product that fills 6 different skincare roles
  • Initial purchase is already reasonably priced, but great-value refills are also available

Basic Information


  • Smooth gel that blends into your skin
  • Chifure Moisture Gel
  • Moisturize with this 1 product after washing your face

Basic Information

Product name in Japanese
ちふれ うるおい ジェル
Chifure Holdings
108g 800yen (excl. tax)
Refill 700yen (excl. tax)
※Prices may vary by shop.
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