Naturie Adlay Moisturizing Gel

A moisturizing gel that contains adlay extract as a natural moisturizer


This gel adjusts the condition of your skin by moisturizing it. Use it as a beauty lotion after applying a facial lotion, and then apply your favorite milky lotion or cream on top of it.
The gel that holds in moisture forms a protective coating for fluid on your skin that continuously supplies moisture to your cuticles, giving you highly moisturized skin at all times. It goes on smoothly without any stickiness.
It is also great for people who do moisturizing care before applying makeup, for moisturizing right after taking a bath, and also for further moisturizing right before going to bed.


  • This is a popular product with many online reviews.
  • You can freely use it because it's so affordable.
  • It is not sticky at all, so it's great for whole body care.
  • It is unscented, with no artificial coloring, it is low in irritants, it is alcohol free, and it has completed a noncomedogenic test.


  • Naturie Adlay Moisturizing Gel

    Naturie Adlay Moisturizing Gel

  • A vibrant gel that suppresses oil content

    A vibrant gel that suppresses oil content


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Product name in Japanese
ナチュリエ ハトムギ保湿ジェル
Imju Corporation.
990yen (tax included)
※Prices may vary by shop.
Pharmacies, daily goods shops, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)