BULL-DOG Chuno Sauce

Excellent Condiment for Fried Food and Okonomiyaki


The iconic bulldog picture on this bottle shows it’s the sauce long-loved by Japanese families. It is a versatile condiment, used on tonkatsu, fried shrimp, and okonomiyaki, as well as a flavor-booster in dishes.
Its ingredients include vegetables, fruit, spices, and vinegar, and it’s easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes.
Bulldog also offers a vast lineup of sauces on top of their chuno sauce, including a smooth Worcester sauce and a thick tonkatsu sauce.


  • Made with natural ingredients, like vegetables, fruit, and spices.
  • No food additives.
  • Non-oil and low sodium.


  • Iconic bulldog picture

    Iconic bulldog picture

  • Nutrition facts label

    Nutrition facts label

  • Small opening makes it easy to put directly on ingredients

    Small opening makes it easy to put directly on ingredients

  • Made with various spices

    Made with various spices


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Product name in Japanese
Volume / Price
500ml 360 yen (excl. tax), 300ml 240 yen (excl. tax), 60ml 96 yen (excl. tax)
*The price may vary depending on the store.
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