A Haircare Series that Uses the Power of Japanese Herbs to Create Beautiful Hair

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This preventative haircare series not only helps to repair damage, but it even helps to strengthen hair to prevent future damage using the power of “pure Japanese herb premium extract,” an ingredient unique to “Ichikami” products. It helps to prevent stripping of the cuticle while shampooing and helps gently clean.
Even hair that has a tendency to get tangled or be stiff can become smooth and supple.
Shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment are available for each of the 3 lines, which are “soft and smooth care,” “deep double moisturizing care,” and “airy silky care,” allowing you to choose a line for whatever results you’re looking for.
The scent varies by each product, but all are based on cherry blossom scents. The shampoo is early bloom scent, the conditioner is late bloom scent, and the hair treatment is full bloom scent.


  • Contains “pure Japanese herb premium extracts,” which helps prevent hair damage each time it is used.
  • Choose from 3 lines to suit the results you’re looking for.
  • Silicone-free shampoo.
  • Cherry blossom scent.
  • Also available in convenient mini sets for travel, and shampoo and conditioner can be refilled at an economical price.



  • Ichikami’s 3 series

    Ichikami’s 3 series

  • Soft and smooth care line

    Soft and smooth care line

  • Deep double moisturizing care line

    Deep double moisturizing care line

  • Airy silky care line

    Airy silky care line


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