Numata City Nango no Magariya

A Former Head Residence Teaches about Rural Lifestyles in the Good Old Days

Japanese Minka Farmhouse

Numata City’s Nango no Magariya is the former residence of the Suzuki family, who acted as village heads for many generations in the area.
With construction completed in 1785, the main house remains in the center of 4 storehouses and a waterwheel hut. It is registered as an Important Cultural Asset of Numata City.

This tavern-style main house boasts a thatched roof, rare in the Kanto region.
The L-shaped part of the structure was used as a barn.
Once you enter, there is a large sunken hearth, and beyond that lies a magnificent tatami room, featuring the elegance of a samurai residence.
Constructed with differences in height to indicate variations in feudal rank, the guest of honor was seated at the highest level, furthest in the rear.
It was the custom to seat those with rankings close to that of the guest of honor between him and the ordinary people seated on the lowest level at the front.

Not only can you feel history through these buildings, but you can also experience it hands-on by making soba, tofu, konjac and straw crafts.
Another attraction of this facility is being able to experience the old customs and former lifestyles that are rooted in the land here.
When you visit, we highly recommend joining some of the experiences they offer.


  • With its rare thatched roof, this is an old-fashioned tavern-style Minka house.
  • In the 4 storehouses that remain, farm tools and everyday folk arts are now on display.
  • There is a full lineup of things to experience. (By reservation/inquiries: 0278-20-0011)
  • Before or after touring, why not head to a foot bath or the day-trip hot spring facilities?


  • Japanese pampas grass shingles cover the thatched roof of the main house.
  • The waterwheel was used for everyday activities, such as threshing and grinding rice and wheat, as well as making thread.
  • The stucco storehouse stands as a symbol of the Suzuki family’s wealth.
  • There are many things to try, such as making soba noodles (by reservation).
  • Enjoy a foot bath before or after touring the grounds.


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
158-1 Hikagenango, Tone Machi, Numata City, Gunma
Adults: 110 yen, Junior High Students: 50 yen
*Children 12 and under are free
Thursday (The day before when a national holiday is on a Thursday);
Year-end/New Year holidays (Dec. 29 – Jan. 3)
(1) About 50 minutes by bus from Numata Station on the JR Joetsu Line
(2) About 20 minutes by car from Numata Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway
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