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Awaji Yumebutai

A Facility Complex with Beautiful Scenery that Combines Nature and Modern Architecture.

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Awaji Yumebutai is a facility complex designed by the world-famous architect Tadao Ando, located in the northern part of Awaji Island. The complex’s vast site spans about 28 hectares and is dotted with facilities including hotels, greenhouse, international conference halls, shops, and restaurants, and it’s even located adjacent to the government-managed National Akashi Kaikyo Park. As a whole, the area is a stunning location filled with seasonal plants and flowers.

Originally the area was a quarry used as reclaimed land, producing dirt and sand to be used in the construction of the Kansai International Airport and other facilities. Awaji’s mountains here had been cut down to nothing. Now, the area has been transformed into a space where

“Hyakudan-en Garden,” a 100 platform terraced garden, is located along the mountains’ slopes, and the Awaji Green-House is one of Japan’s largest greenhouses. These two locations are filled with beautiful, soothing plants, making them excellent places to take photos.

The “Circular Forum” and “Oval Forum” are built with unfinished concrete walls, and when you look up from inside them, the circular or oval framing of the sky gives a stunning sense of beauty.

The complex also has terrace restaurants and shops, as well as an open-air theater, so there is plenty to experience and enjoy!


  • A beautiful facility complex designed by Tadao Ando, where artistic architecture and nature coexist.
  • On clear days, you can find a spectacular view of Osaka Bay from the 100 platform terraced garden “Hyakudan-en Garden.”
  • As one of Japan’s largest greenhouses, “The Awaji Green-House” is a hot topic thanks to its innovative plant display methods.*The facility will be closed from April 2024 to mid-March 2025 for major renovations.
  • The “Circular Forum” and “Oval Forum” feature artistic concrete walls, a hallmark of Tadao Ando’s work.


  • Awaji Yumebutai

    Awaji Yumebutai

  • Hyakudan-en Gardens

    Hyakudan-en Gardens

  • Awaji Green-House
*The facility will be closed from April 2024 to mid-March 2025 for major renovations.

    Awaji Green-House *The facility will be closed from April 2024 to mid-March 2025 for major renovations.

  • Enjoy delicious Awaji gourmet foods

    Enjoy delicious Awaji gourmet foods

  • Circular Forum

    Circular Forum

  • Oval Forum

    Oval Forum

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Postal Code
2 Yumebutai, Awaji City, Hyogo
Varies by facility
Varies by facility
※Admission fee may be required at certain facilities
1. About 45 minutes by bus from the JR Kobe Line’s Sannomiya Station to the “Awaji Yumebutai-mae” bus stop. From there, the destination is just a short walk away.
2. About a 5-minute walk from the JR Kobe Line’s Maiko Station to the “Kosoku Maiko” bus stop. From there, take the bus for about 15 minutes to the “Awaji Yumebutai-mae” bus stop. The destination is then just a short walk away.
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