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An island registered as a World Natural Heritage site, known for its abundant rainfall and rich natural environment.

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Located about 60km south-southwest of Cape Sata in Kagoshima Prefecture, Yakushima was registered as a World Natural Heritage site in 1993. The island, with a circumference of 132km and an area of 505 square kilometers, is full of mountains over 1,000m high, including the highest peak in Kyushu, Miyanoura-dake, which is 1,936m high. 90% of the island is covered with forests, earning it the nickname "Alps on the Sea".

The island has a subtropical climate, so while the flat areas near the coast are warm, the mountains can be cold enough for snow to fall. The island is home to cedar trees known as Yakusugi that are over 1,000 years old. Among them, the Jomon Sugi, one of the largest, is estimated to be over 2,000 years old, with some theories suggesting it could be over 7,200 years old. Its impressive presence makes it a symbol of Yakushima. The Wilson's Stump, whose hollow looks like a heart shape, is also a popular photo spot.

Blessed with abundant rainfall, over 70% of Japan's plants can be found here, forming a rich forest ecosystem, with many unique species and plenty of moss coloring the forests of Yakushima in beautiful green.

The island also has beautiful white sandy beaches, and is famous as a place where sea turtles come to lay their eggs in early summer.


  • An island registered as a World Natural Heritage site.
  • The overwhelming presence of the Jomon Sugi is a must-see.
  • The fantastical scenery of the moss-covered forest is said to have been the inspiration for animated film settings.
  • The entire island is popular as a power spot.


  • Beautiful, sprawling moss across Yakushima

    Beautiful, sprawling moss across Yakushima

  • Jomonsugi (Jomon Cedar Tree)

    Jomonsugi (Jomon Cedar Tree)

  • Wilson’s Stump

    Wilson’s Stump

  • Isso Beach

    Isso Beach

  • Sea Turtles

    Sea Turtles

  • Ohko no Taki Falls

    Ohko no Taki Falls

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Do you have signs or pamphlets in foreign languages? (If you do, which languages are available?)


English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean pamphlets available.


Is free Wi-Fi available in the area?


Free Wi-Fi is available at the Miyanoura Information Center, Airport Information Center, and Anbo Information Center (headquarters).


Are coin lockers available?


Please refer to the FAQ on our website.


Are there any restrooms?


Please use portable toilets in the mountain areas.


I want to book a bus ticket for climbing Jomon Sugi (Arakawa Climbing Bus).


The Arakawa Climbing Bus is not reservation-based. If there are many passengers, we will arrange for multiple buses. There's no need to worry about not being able to get to the climbing start point due to lack of seats. You can purchase tickets on the day, but we recommend purchasing in advance to mitigate congestion.


I want to book a mountain hut.


The mountain huts in the mountainous area are unmanned shelters. No reservations can be made. Please share and use them considerately.


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Yakushimacho, Kumagegun, Kagoshima
(1) By planes departing from Kagoshima, Fukuoka and Osaka International (Itami) Airports.
(2) Approx. 2 hours by high speed ferry from Kagoshima Terminal
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