The island that registered UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site blessed with hearty rainfall and lush, natural beauty

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Yakushima sits 60km south-southwest from Satamisaki in Kagoshima Prefecture. The entire island is registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site as of 1993.
At 132 km in circumference and 505 km2 in area, this round island is home to many mountains standing over 1,000 meters high, including Mt. Miyanoura, the 1,936 meter-high mountain and largest peak in Kyushu, as well as a thick span of mountain forest that covers 90% of the island. Nicknamed the “Alps on the Ocean”, Yakushima boasts a subtropical climate that is hot near the beaches, but still cool enough to snow across its mountain peaks.

Yakushima is also home to ancient “yakusugi” cedar trees that are more than 1000-years old. Among them, the “Jomon Cedar Tree” is estimated to have a staggering age of more than 2,000 years. Some say it’s even more than 7,200 years old. Standing in all its magnificent glory, the cedar has become a famous symbol of Yakushima. Another famous photo spot is Wilson’s stump, a tree stump known for the heart-shaped opening at its ceiling when looking from inside.

The lands across the island are blessed with ample rainfall that allows for a rich forest ecosystem, filled with indigenous plants and over 70% of the natural plantlife usually found across Japan.
Travelers inside are greeted with a forest floor that's painted with the vibrant green of sprawling moss.

Near the coast lays stretches of white-stand beaches, made famous for the sea turtles that hatch here in early summer.


  • Entire island is a registered UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.
  • Home to the Jomon Cedar Tree, a must-see destination with unforgettable grandeur.
  • Ghibli film, “Princess Mononoke” is said to have based its backdrops on the deep forests and mossy floors found here.
  • The entire island is a well-known power spot.


  • Beautiful, sprawling moss across Yakushima

    Beautiful, sprawling moss across Yakushima

  • Jomonsugi (Jomon Cedar Tree)

    Jomonsugi (Jomon Cedar Tree)

  • Wilson’s Stump

    Wilson’s Stump

  • Isso Beach

    Isso Beach

  • Sea Turtles

    Sea Turtles

  • Ohko no Taki Falls

    Ohko no Taki Falls


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Yakushimacho, Kumagegun, Kagoshima
(1) By planes departing from Kagoshima, Fukuoka and Osaka International (Itami) Airports.
(2) Approx. 2 hours by high speed ferry from Kagoshima Terminal
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Official Website (English)