Wakanoura Nature Resort EPICHARIS

A resort hotel popular for its guest rooms and cuisine that remind you of an Aegean Sea resort.


Wakanoura Nature Resort EPICHARIS has 28 guest rooms, all with ocean views, where you can relax and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Wakaura Bay in front of you.

The unique feature of this resort is the eight different room types, each with a different concept. Some examples include rooms with open-air baths and rooms with chic cave-like coordination. In addition, there are twin rooms with a terrace equipped with hammock chairs, giving the entire hotel an atmosphere reminiscent of a resort on the Aegean Sea in Greece.

The meals during your stay will be creative Mediterranean cuisine-themed. Once served, in no time, you'll be digging into the elaborate feast with seafood freshly picked that morning and local vegetables. The primary course menu starts with antipasto, followed by the main dish of local fish and a rich combination of roast beef (cooked at a low temperature) and foie gras. Other course options include wild boar and venison gibier or Kishu Waka beef, an ingredient with limited circulation in Japan.

Other highlights include optional original dessert art (from 2200 yen) and all-you-can-drink plans (from 2200 yen).


  • All guest rooms have an ocean view.
  • There are eight different room types, including those with open-air baths.
  • Delicious course meals with local fish and freshly picked vegetables await you.


  • Located where you can hear ocean waves

    Located where you can hear ocean waves

  • Terrace


  • Restaurant



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Name in Japanese
Wakanoura Nature Resort EPICHARIS
Postal Code
2-4 Shinwakaura, Wakayama City, Wakayama
3 pm
Until 10 am
Accommodation Fee
Starting at 30,030 yen per night/person with two meals included
1) About 23 minutes by Wakayama Bus from Wakayama Station (JR Lines)
2) About 26 minutes by Wakayama Bus from Wakayama-shi Station (Nankai Line)
Credit Cards
Accepted(VISA, MasterCard)
Official Website
Official Website (English)