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A cape surrounded by strangely-shaped and huge-sized rocks on which violent waves break.

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Inubosaki is a cape 500 meters around jutting out into the Pacific ocean located at the most eastern point of Choshi peninsula in the Kanto region, and it is an abrasion platform with oceans in 3 directions. Violent waves break on rocks at the foot of a bluff and you can feel the full impact. Tourists enjoy the sceneries of Kimigahama-kaigan with a white-sand beach, and sea coasts stretching around the cape with odd-shaped and huge-sized rocks in the southern direction.

The western-style first-class lighthouse made of domestic bricks, Inubosaki Lighthouse, is chalky white, and is a symbolistic building for sightseeing of Choshi. It was selected as “Best 50 Lighthouses in Japan” and ”The IALA list of 100 lighthouses as historic and architectural monuments”, and was designated as an Important Cultural Property. The lighthouse is at a height of about 32 meters and has circular stairs inside of the building to go up. The magnificent scenery of the Pacific Ocean is spread out in front of you at the top of the lighthouse.

“Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum” is located on the adjoining ground, and this museum exhibits
the history of the lighthouse and an original large-sized first-order Fresnel lens. Geological strata around the cape, which were formed in the Mesozoic Cretaceous period, were designated as the state's natural monument, and also, selected as one of the Japanese Geoparks, in which you can enjoy yourself on the seashore and observe beach plants.


  • Go up to the top of Inubosaki Lighthouse and enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Pacific Ocean.
  • A white post in front of the lighthouse is believed to make your dreams of love or wishes come true when you send mail from this post.
  • Located at the easternmost point of Kanto, it is the earliest place in Japan to see the first sunrise.
  • A hot spring facility is nearby so you can enjoy bathing while looking at the Pacific Ocean.


  • Inubosaki


  • Inubosaki Lighthouse

    Inubosaki Lighthouse

  • Inubosaki Lighthouse

    Inubosaki Lighthouse

  • Inubosaki Lighthouse and a white mailbox.

    Inubosaki Lighthouse and a white mailbox.

  • Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum

    Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum



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Inubozaki, Choshi City, Chiba
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About a 10-minute walk from Inubo station on the Choshi Electric Railway.
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