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Aoki shofuan "Milk Manju Tsukigesho"

A classic souvenir from Osaka. With over 100 million pieces sold, its fusion of Japanese and Western tastes stands out.

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Treasuring the charm of wagashi (Japanese confections) that encapsulate the beauty of nature and the spirit of seasons in small packages, Aoki shofuan creates unparalleled delicacies. While preserving tradition, they also bring new sensibilities to the table. Their "Milk Manju Tsukigesho" consistently tops the manufacturer's best-seller list, boasting over 100 million sales. It stands firm as a signature product and a standard Osaka souvenir.

This delicacy, made by wrapping a mix of rich condensed milk and butter with a white bean paste and then baking, is characterized by its moist texture and harmonious blend of Japanese and Western flavors. The white bean paste is made by uniquely blending two types of Hokkaido white beans, "Otemou" and "Shirokaneji", and it's meticulously crafted by assessing its readiness down to the second during the cooking and steaming processes.

In collaboration with "Iemon", they have added a slightly bitter matcha flavor to create the "Iemon Tsukigesho". Additionally, a modern twist on the "Milk Manju Tsukigesho" is the "Tsukigesho Raw Sablé" - a new sensation in Western sweets.


  • Over 100 million sales, the No.1 flagship product.
  • Homemade milk bean paste using Hokkaido white beans "Otebou" and "Shiro-kintoki".
  • A flavor loved by both adults and children.
  • Freshly baked "Tsukigesho" is available at the Tsukigesho Namba store.
  • With a shelf life of 40 days, it's recommended as a souvenir.


  • Premium "Milk Manju Tsukigesho" filled with milk bean paste.

    Premium "Milk Manju Tsukigesho" filled with milk bean paste.

  • 6-piece "Milk Manju Tsukigesho".

    6-piece "Milk Manju Tsukigesho".

  • 10-piece "Milk Manju Tsukigesho".

    10-piece "Milk Manju Tsukigesho".

  • The added matcha flavored "Iemon Tsukigesho Matcha".

    The added matcha flavored "Iemon Tsukigesho Matcha".

  • 10-piece "Iemon Tsukigesho Matcha".

    10-piece "Iemon Tsukigesho Matcha".

  • A novel Western confectionery, "Tsukigesho Raw Sablé".

    A novel Western confectionery, "Tsukigesho Raw Sablé".

Official FAQs

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Can you provide services in foreign languages? (If so, please also inform us of the supported languages)


Not available


In case of a defect in the product after opening, can it be returned or exchanged?


Yes. If there's a quality issue within the consumption/expiry date, please send it to Aoki shofuan's head office along with the date-stamped seal or wrapper. We will either exchange it or offer a refund.


Is gift wrapping available?


It's available at Aoki shofuan direct-sales stores upon request (including gift tags and wrapping). For stores outside of direct-sales like stations, airports, and service areas, products are pre-wrapped in special Tsukigeshou paper, and individual tags are not available.


Do you have an overseas-shipping service?


International shipping is not available.


Do you have your website overseas?


No, we don’t.


What's the shelf life of "Tsukigesho"?


Approximately 40 days.



Product name in Japanese
青木松風庵「みるく饅頭 月化粧」
Aoki shofuan Co.,Ltd.
1 piece for 140 yen, 6 pieces for 864 yen, 10 pieces for 1,400 yen, 16 pieces for 2,280 yen, 20 pieces for 3,070 yen
Sales Locations
Aoki shofuan Tsukigesho Namba store, 26 other direct-sales stores, official online shop, major stations like JR Shin-Osaka Station, airports, highway service areas, etc.
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)