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Hachioji Castle Ruins

One of the "Top 100 Castles of Japan," which also gave its name to the area of Hachioji.

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These are the ruins of Hachioji Castle, built by the Hojo clan of Odawara as a supporting fortress. It was constructed by Hojo Ujiteru between 1582 and 1587, and is well-preserved as a hilltop castle from the Sengoku period, leading to its designation as one of Japan's "Top 100 Castles" in 2006.

The castle, believed to be protected by the guardian deity Hachioji Gongen—worshiped in the area since the Heian period—was built in rugged mountains. It fell in 1590 during Hideyoshi Toyotomi's conquest of the Kanto region when attacked by the forces of Maeda Toshiie and Uesugi Kagekatsu. This led to the fall of Odawara Castle and the ultimate demise of the Hojo clan.

Today, remnants of the main palace and restored stone walls and gates are found at the mountain’s base, while the main castle area and Hachioji Shrine are at the summit, about an hour's hike away. Defensive structures like concentric barricades are also preserved. At the "Hachioji Castle Ruins Guidance Facility," maps and guided tours are available, making it a recommended stop before hiking.


  • Hachioji Castle was a secondary fortress of the Odawara Hojo clan.
  • At the summit, the main castle area and Hachioji Shrine, said to be the origin of the area's name, are designated as one of "Japan's Top 100 Castles."
  • It takes about 1 hour to hike from the entrance of the castle ruins to the summit.


  • Interpretative signs are installed at various points around the palace ruins.

    Interpretative signs are installed at various points around the palace ruins.

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Postal Code
3 Motohachiojimachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo
042-620-7265 (Hachioji City Board of Education, Cultural Properties Division)
Open year-round, guidance facility closed from December 29 to January 3 and on occasional unexpected holidays.
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About a 20-minute walk from the bus stop "Reien-mae/Hachioji-joato Iriguchi".
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