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Kinugawa Onsen

A hot spring resort where visitors can enjoy the beauty of magnificent valleys and historic and famous hot springs.

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Kinugawa Onsen, located in the upper reaches of the Kinugawa River in Nikko City, is one of the most popular hot springs in the Kanto region. It was discovered during the Edo period, when it was the domain of Nikko's shrines and temples, and at that time was available only to feudal lords and priests on their way home from worshiping in Nikko. In the Meiji era, it was opened to the general public, and many inns and hotels opened along the Kinugawa River valley. The area developed into a large hot spring resort that attracts many tourists.

The hot spring water is tasteless, odorless, and non-habit-forming alkaline simple hot spring. The soft, skin-friendly water is said to be effective for burns and skin diseases, as well as for gastrointestinal disorders and recovery from fatigue, making it popular among all people. The magnificent nature along the Kinugawa River valley is another reason for its popularity, and visitors can enjoy the spectacular seasonal scenery throughout the year, including fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and snowy landscapes.

It is very convenient as a base for sightseeing in Nikko, as it is within an hour from the World Heritage Site Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura, Tobu World Square, and other nearby tourist attractions.


  • The hot spring was discovered in the Edo period and was available only to feudal lords and priests visiting Nikko.
  • The area was opened to the public after the Meiji period, and became a popular hot spring resort with many inns and hotels along the valley.
  • Weakly alkaline simple hot spring effective for burns, skin diseases, and gastrointestinal ailments.
  • It also serves as a base for sightseeing around Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Ashio Copper Mine, and Yunishigawa Hot Springs.


  • Enjoy the beauty of the valley from season to season

    Enjoy the beauty of the valley from season to season

  • The plaza in front of Kinugawa Onsen Station where many hot spring guests alight.

    The plaza in front of Kinugawa Onsen Station where many hot spring guests alight.

  • Some inns have open-air baths facing the valley

    Some inns have open-air baths facing the valley

Official FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions have been vetted and answered directly by each listing.


Is free Wi-Fi available in the area?


Available. At each accommodation and tourist facilities.
(1) "TOBU_Free_Wi-Fi" at Tobu Kinugawa Onsen Station
(2) Nikko city Free Wi-Fi" at the information center in front of the station (Tourist Information Center), etc.
(3) Also available on Yagan Railway trains
*Information centers, etc., are basically for foreign customers, but Japanese customers can also use the service.


Is parking available?


Available. In front of Kinugawa Onsen Station (fee required), a park in the hot spring resort area (free of charge), and Kinugawa Leisure Park located near Tobu Kosagoe Station (free of charge).


Is there a facility where I can take a day trip to bathe?


There are several. Some of the hotels, inns, and day spa facilities are operated by the city (Kinugawa Park Iwa-buro: 5-minute walk from Kinugawa Park Station). Private hot spring facilities are also popular (Akebi).


Are ATMs available?


It is located in Kinugawa Onsen station (next to the ticket gate, free space for anyone to use). There are two convenience stores near the station.


Is there a bus to the theme parks? Also, is there a free pass available?


Available. This bus runs between Kinugawa Onsen and Nikko Edomura. 1 day validity, free to get on and off.


Is there somewhere I can get information on lodging arrangements (on or off the day of the event)?


The Tourist Center in Kinugawa Onsen Station can make arrangements for lodging on the day of your visit.


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