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A small hermitage in Yoshino where Saigyo, a poet frequently selected for the "Shin Kokin Wakashu" anthology, spent his days.

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Saigyo, the poet who holds the record for the most poems included in the "Shin Kokin Wakashu," abandoned his samurai status at the end of the Heian period to become a monk and is said to have spent about three years in Yoshino for his ascetic training.

Saigyo-an is located at the very end of the Okusenbon area. To get there, turn off the Omine Okugake trail leading to Kumano at the Kinpu Shrine. Continue along the cobblestone path beside Kinpu Shrine, turn left at the fork beyond it, and you'll find Saigyo-an in a clearing down the path. The area is usually very quiet, fitting for a poet devoted to his craft, although it does become lively with tourists during the cherry blossom season in spring and the colorful autumn leaves period. Inside the hermitage, a statue of Saigyo is enshrined, and outside, there is a stone monument with a haiku by Matsuo Basho, who revered Saigyo and visited this place twice.

It's about a 20-minute walk from Kinpu Shrine. The path has some ups and downs and can be slippery on rainy days, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended. There is also a gazebo in the clearing which can be used for resting and eating during a walk.


  • Saigyo-an: A small hermitage where the monk Saigyo resided during his training period in Yoshino.
  • Known for its stunning cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, attracting many visitors during peak seasons.
  • A haiku stone monument by Matsuo Basho stands outside the hermitage.
  • Nearby, there is a gazebo for taking breaks during walks.


  • The area has recently seen new cherry trees planted, increasing its appeal.

    The area has recently seen new cherry trees planted, increasing its appeal.

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From the Yoshinoyama ropeway station, take a 20-minute bus ride to the Okusenbon-guchi stop, followed by a 20-minute walk.
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