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Gion Tsujiri "Tsujiri no Sato"

Treat yourself to authentic look and taste of matcha green with sweets from a long-loved Uji tea specialty shop open 160+ years.

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Founded in 1860 as a manufacturer and seller of Uji tea, Gion Tsujiri is the spot for plumes of rich aroma and the taste of tea in Kyoto, a historic tea-producing region, for over 160 years. Recent years at the tea house have seen an all new kind of buzz thanks to the launch of a widened range of matcha sweets. For sweet and tasty souvenirs, look no further than this go-to brand.

Among the full lineup of Gion Tsujiri's souvenir sweets, the most popular and classic product is "Tsujiri no Sato”. This matcha confection features a rich stone-ground matcha cream wrapped in a thin, crispy roll senbei. Made with plenty of Uji matcha, sink your teeth in for a taste that melts in your mouth with the with the deep, lingering goodness of matcha. This little bite packs a light, crisp texture that pairs perfectly with the mildly sweet matcha cream, creating an irresistible harmony. The matcha used inside contains no artificial coloring or preservatives, meaning you’re in for a kiss of refreshing green, rich matcha cream in its natural color. Better for you and true to Japanese authentic sweetness, you’ll love all the real tea flavor.

Each piece is individually wrapped so you can easily share with someone special. It even comes with Kyoto-style packaging blending traditional and fresh elements with a Japanese pattern that anyone would love to receive as a souvenir. The smaller 8-piece package is ideal for a simple gift.


  • Popular sweet made by a long-established Uji tea specialty store with over 160 years of history in Kyoto.
  • Rich stone-ground matcha cream wrapped in a delicately baked thin roll senbei.
  • Lightly sweetened, with a crispy texture and harmonious matcha cream flavor that you won’t soon forget.
  • Matcha made with no artificial coloring or preservatives so you can enjoy a healthy and authentic tea-flavored Japanese sweet.
  • Kyoto-style packaging that merges tradition and freshness, making it a charming gift.


  • "Tsujiri no Sato": Rich stone-ground matcha cream wrapped in a delicately baked thin roll senbei.

    "Tsujiri no Sato": Rich stone-ground matcha cream wrapped in a delicately baked thin roll senbei.

  • Individually wrapped for convenience.

    Individually wrapped for convenience.

  • Gorgeous wrapping that emphasizes a traditional Japanese aesthetic.

    Gorgeous wrapping that emphasizes a traditional Japanese aesthetic.

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Name in Japanese
祇園辻利 つじりの里
Gion Tsujiri Co., Ltd.
810yen (tax included) (15 pieces)
Sales Locations
"Gion Tsujiri" Gion Main Store, Kyoto Station Hachijo Exit, Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Store, Osaka International (Itami) Airport "Tabi-SORA" store, Kyoto Isetan store, and other Tsujiri Tea House locations.
31kcal per piece
Expiration date
About 150 days
Official Website
Official Website (Japanese)