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Shobara Ueno Park

A popular cherry blossom spot where 600 Somei Yoshino trees bloom around the pond, known for its beautiful illumination.

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The park is developed around Ueno Pond, which spans an area of 2km in circumference. It's recognized as one of the "Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots" in Japan, with about 600 Somei Yoshino cherry trees planted around the pond that begin blooming in late March and reach their peak in early April. Especially on the north side of the pond, cherry blossoms bloom on both sides of the street, creating a tunnel-like beauty. The view around Bentenbashi bridge, with its red railings, is full of atmosphere. Coinciding with the cherry blossom season, Yukiyanagi (Spiraea thunbergii) and Rengyo (Forsythia) also bloom, enveloping the area around the pond in a vibrant atmosphere.

From late March to late April, the park conducts one of Western Japan's most famous cherry blossom illuminations. The sight of bonbori (traditional Japanese paper lanterns) lights reflected on the water surface is truly enchanting. Food stalls line up, and the park buzzes with many cherry blossom viewers. Located in the northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, Shobara City sees cherry blossoms bloom later than other areas in the prefecture, allowing visitors to enjoy the flowers without the crowds of other locations.

On the northern hillside within the park, you'll find historical sites like the "Hyozan Kofun," an early Kofun period tumulus designated as a prefectural historic site, and a monument dedicated to Kurata Hyakuzo, a modern literary figure from the local area. The summer fireworks festival by the lakeside is also a popular event.


  • A park centered around Ueno Pond.
  • Famous for the 600 cherry trees blooming around the pond.
  • Renowned for the beauty of the cherry blossoms illuminated by bonbori.
  • The cherry blossom season in the area is later compared to other spots in the prefecture.
  • A summer fireworks festival is also held.


  • A park selected as one of the "Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots" in Japan.

    A park selected as one of the "Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots" in Japan.

  • From late March to late April, the area is also beautifully illuminated with bonbori lanterns.

    From late March to late April, the area is also beautifully illuminated with bonbori lanterns.

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Do you have signs or pamphlets in foreign languages? (If you do, which languages are available?)


No foreign language pamphlets are available on-site, but they can be found at the Shobara City Office or the Shobara DMO Office. There are no signs in foreign languages.


Is free Wi-Fi available in the area?


No free Wi-Fi available.


Are coin lockers available?


Not available.


Are there restrooms available?


Yes, there are.


Are there any smoking areas?


No designated smoking areas are provided. While Shobara City does not have specific regulations on outdoor smoking, visitors are kindly requested to carry a portable ashtray and refrain from littering cigarette butts.



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1-chome Higashihonmachi, Shobara City, Hiroshima
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About 10 minutes walk from JR Geibi Line’s Bingo-Shobara Station.
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