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Make a great memory of your trip via the very economical ferry between the Tokyo area ↔ Hokkaido.

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The "SUNFLOWER" operated by MOL Ferry Co., Ltd. is a ferry that allows you to travel between Tokyo and Hokkaido at a very economical price. A new ship which went into service in 2017 (the evening ferry) has luxurious suites and relaxing, Japanese style rooms. With one-way trips available for 10,800 yen and the ability to depart around midnight, you can casually experience the trip.

It is just like a hotel with a gorgeous restaurant, a hot bath with a spectacular view and plenty of room. It's not just the travel time, but it becomes one of the good things on your trip that you can have some new experiences with the majestic scenery of the Pacific Ocean in the background and various events onboard.

Also, at each terminal of the SUNFLOWER, there is a translation system where operators can translate through videophones. Moreover, an automated translation machine called "ili PRO" is installed on the ship (the evening ferry). Rest assured that it can respond to English and Korean, not to mention Chinese.


  • It is more reasonable than airplanes and Shinkansen, and children who younger than preschool age (those who have not started Kindergarten) are free. .
  • You can fully enjoy the magnificent nature of the Pacific Ocean at your own pace, the ferry ride itself makes you feel like you are traveling. .
  • A nice newly constructed ship with full onboard facilities and ability to hold various events. .
  • Their translation system can respond to Chinese, English and Korean. .
  • Comparing to airplanes, there is no restrictions on quantity or weight of luggage. Also, there are many free coin lockers (large and small sizes) available.



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Are there any safety concerns on the ferry?


According MOL Ferry, the company in charge of the ferry's operations, the company exercises the utmost caution when determining ship safety and cancellations in case of rough weather conditions like typhoons, low atmospheric pressure, or typhoon weather forecasts.
There may be last-minute cancellations of departures to ensure passenger safety, but guests can either opt to take another ship or receive a refund. When they anticipate stormy conditions that may cause severe rocking, they ask that those who are pregnant, injured, or sick make sure to give notice of their condition when making a reservation or boarding. The company has extensive measures in place to ensure the safety of each passenger.


Are there any concerns about the sanitation standards?


Since the newly built ship was put into service in 2017, the ship is still in pristine condition as now.


Is there internet access?


Wired LAN is not available, and while it may be difficult to get a great connection while cruising, pocket Wi-Fi routers from docomo/softbank/au have been installed throughout the ship to offer Wi-Fi service without having to rely on the data of your own cell-phone carrier. Additionally, the ship's exclusive entertainment SSQ (SunFlower Smart QUEST) Service (around 100 movie titles, and others) can be accessed from your own smartphone or tablet devices. As an added benefit, these perks are provided free of charge.
There may be certain ocean areas where you have cell phone reception, but most cell phones will be out of reception while offshore. Since it's difficult to get a connection while cruising, you’ll want to use the coin-operated phones installed throughout the ship. (You can't make calls to the coin-operated phone from outside the ship.)


  • chin chih chang


  • 邱小星


  • 陳雨潼


  • 江小小


  • 楊秀玫



Evening Ferry
Departure from Oarai Port at 7:45PM 〜 Arrival at Tomakomai Port next day 1:30PM (travel time: 17 hours 45 minutes)
Departure from Tomakomai Port at 6:45PM 〜 Arrival at Oarai Port next day 2:00PM (travel time: 19 hours 15 minutes)
Night Ferry
Departure from Oarai Port at 1:45AM 〜 Arrival at Tomakomai Port same day 7:45PM (travel time: 18 hours)
Departure from Tomakomai Port at 1:30AM 〜 Arrival at Oarai Port same day 7:30PM (travel time: 18 hours)
Evening Ferry fares
Evening Ferry fares(English)
Night Ferry fares
Night Ferry fares(English)
Internet Reservation
Internet Reservation