Must-visit Cherry Blossoms viewing spot, Rikugienn Gardens (Bunkyō-ku of Tokyo).

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We have provided several reports for cherry blossoms in 2015 and promised will offer special series based on popular locations for cherry blossoms across Japan. This time we would like to introduce you is Rikugienn Gardens where is located in Bunkyō-ku of Tokyo.

The place is few minutes on foot from Komagome Station of JR Yamanote Line • Tokyo Metro Mamboku Line. Rikugienn Gardens(六義園)started to build in 1695 and continually constructed for 7 years in Edo Period, it is a beautiful Japanese landscape garden and was built for the 5th Tokugawa Shogun, Tokugawa Tsunayoshi's trusted confidante Yanagisawa Toshiyasu.

Usually Rikugienn only open the main entrance gate for public, but the more convenient “Someimon Gate” will be open to the public during cherry blossom season in spring. Due to the Someimon Gate is located very closly to the station, it commonly has long queue during the season. We would suggest you enter the Rikugienn Gardens by main entrance gate. Although you might also need to queue up at the main gate, but it has slightly lesser visitors compare with Someimon Gate.

Once entering the gardens, you will immediately see extremely beautiful “weeping cherry trees” in front of you. That's also one the reason why we recommended you enter the garden by main gate. Please take a look here, absolutely beautiful and gorgeous.

The most beautiful here is when in full bloom. The height of cherry tree is about 15 meters with 20 meters width in the open space close by, and don't forget to visit the beautiful scenery at night for its evening light up event.

It might be difficult to take photos by mobile phones at this spot, and unfortunately it is inhibit to set up tripod or other photo equipments nearby due to safety issues and to avoid overcrowded.

“Weeping cherry tree” at main gate is definitely attractive, but please also visit “weeping cherry tree no. 2” at Rikugienn. A lot of people didn't notice there are another cherry tree here, so many visitors return when viewing the “weeping cherry tree no.1” only. We would like to describe cherry tree No. 1 as “splendid”, and “arrogant” for cherry tree No.2.

The photo shown below is “weeping cherry tree No. 2” at night.

You might feel the beauty difference between tree No.1 and tree No.2. The second weeping cherry tree is more likely to be modest and haughty. Due to the viewing distance is far, so it might causes of unfriendly impression.

As there are not many guests at the weeping cherry tree No.2, so visitors are allowing to use tripod or other photo equipments here. The photos I took cannot present the natural beauty completely, therefore please come here and enjoy the real attractiveness.

The strolling garden is very nice to visit with various flowering trees, the photos shown below are the scenery in the day and evening.

“Weeping cherry tree No.2” is located in opposite of the main gate, and the most distant part of the garden, please don't forget to come here before leaving. In personal opinion, Rikugienn garden is the best spot for veiwing the cherry blossoms at night, and “weeping cherry tree No.2” also has brilliant scenery of the season.

Another interesting story about the Rikugienn is the place, where is located in Komagome area. And the place was also called “Somei-mura Village” (染井村) where was the original place Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms were bred and distributed it nationwide. Therefore Somei-mura can be called “the birthplace of cherry blossoms” too.

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