A day return trip to view beautiful “Annabelle hydrangeas” at Gongendo Park·Satte city of Saitama Prefecture.

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From Tokyo · Asakusa Station and take Tobu Skytree Line about 50 minutes will lead you to “Gongendo Park” at Satte city of Saitama Prefecture, where is famous for it's seasonal flowers.

To go to the “Gongendo Park” will need to take bus from the upon arrival station about 20 minutes. The best timing to see hydrangeas is from mid-June to early July. But this time we would like to introduce you a special type of hydrangeas called “Annabelle hydrangeas”!

You will see a huge area where are full bloom of white hydrangeas just opposite the parking area.

If you seeing them carefully, you might see few of them in colour yellow and green.

Not only the common white, but also hydrangeas in an amazing variety of colours are waiting to grace your gaze, such as pink and purple flowers.

There are ice cream and variety drinks available in the tea house nearby. Please viewing these beautiful and gorgouse hydrangeas while walking around which will definitely makes you feel relaxed and stress released.

End of June is best timing to view these hydrangeas, and weekday is recommended in order to avoid large number of visitors.

In addition, guests are not only able to see hydrangeas in summer, there are also famous for cherry blossom and rapeflowers in spring! Please click the button below for more information and beautiful photos.

Furthermore, there are attractive “Higanbana flowers” available in autumn.

Although we haven't got the chance to visit Gongendo Park in Winter, however, it is said that the park is famous for “daffodils” during winter time. If you have any chance, please come and visit the famous flower attraction where is not so far from the central Tokyo.

Lastly, please check the bus timetable before depart due to there are just few buses (Asahi bus) from Satte Station per hour. It costs about 1,000 yen by taxi for single way, therefore if you go to Gongendo Park with friends and 4 persons share the taxi fee will be about the same price compare with taking the bus (180 yen per single way). So taxi will be more recommended.

※Please note that Asahi bus cannot use neither Pasmo card or Suica card, therefore please prepare some coins or 1,000yen in advance.

A:Satte Station→Gongendo Park (bound for Goka machi yakuba)
B:Gongendo Park→ Satte Station
05:Weekday 40:Weekend and public holidays
※Bus timetable is based on Mar. 20, 2015

Gongendo Park
Address: Uchigouma, Satte City, Saitama Prefecture.

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