Satte Gongendo Cherry Embankment

Enjoy Beautiful Scenes Full of Flowers Through Every Season at This Park



Satte Gongedo Cherry Embankment is a famous cherry blossom spot for the Kanto region. The contrasting colors of the pink tunnel of cherry blossoms, formed by around 1,000 Yoshino cherry trees over a length of 1km, and the yellow color of the rape blossoms that bloom below the embankment create a truly stunning view. The area has also been used as a set location in many movies, so many film fans visit to see the location of certain scenes.

During the cherry blossom festival, held every year from the end of March into April, there are around 100 stalls opened in the area, and around 1 million people come to visit. From June through mid-July, around 100 different species of hydrangeas bloom into nearly 16,000 flowers. What’s more, in September the embankment is covered in red cluster amaryllis, also known as red spider lilies, and in January 1 million stunning daffodils, which stand proud in the cold winter air, burst into full bloom. The varieties of flowers blooming along the slopes throughout the year make it a popular photo spot that can be enjoyed from any angle.

Gongendo Cherry Embankment is always presenting colorful flowers and the changing of the seasons to its visitors. Whenever it is that you visit, you’re sure to find a stunning view and take wonderful photos!


  • The contrast of colors between the pink Yoshino cherry blossoms and the yellow rape blossoms is beautiful.
  • Stunning view creates an excellent location for filming movies.
  • Enjoy hydrangeas in June, cluster amaryllis in September, and daffodils in January.
  • Visiting on weekdays is recommended, as the parking lot and roads are crowded on weekends.


  • Yoshino cherry blossoms and rape blossoms in the spring
  • Visitors can also enjoy the illuminated cherry blossoms at night
  • Colorful hydrangeas bloom in the early summer
  • Amaryllis bloom during autumn
  • 1 million beautiful daffodils bloom in the winter


  • 梅子


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Name in Japanese
Postal Code
887-3 Uchigoma, Satte City, Saitama
0480-44-0873 (Gongendo Park Management Office)
Open all day
No holidays
Parking Lot
(1) About a 30-minute walk from the Tobu Nikko Line’s Satte Station
(2) About 15 minutes by bus from the Tobu Nikko Line’s Satte Station, then about a 1-minute walk
(3) About 10 minutes by car from the Ken-O Expressway’s Satte Interchange
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