【Ryukakusan Cooperation Plan】 Curtain up for Ryukakusan, a throat medicine which has been used in Japan for more than 200 years!

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Medicines made in Japan are popular, amongst other things, for their high quality, thorough hygiene management and the wide range of products. So Japanese people have very high standards when it comes to medicines. In this environment, Ryukakusan has been used for over 200 years in Japan. It is taken in case of cough, sore throat or other problems of the throat. The sense of security from the fact that it is based on herbs also adds to the support for this medicine.

Ryukakusan has also become the name of a company. This company, Ryukakusan Co., Ltd., taking advantage of the accumulated knowledge on the throat and technological capabilities, sells a variety of other products apart from “Ryukakusan”. In our editorial department, we would like to recommend these products as souvenirs and introduce them in a series. This article forms the summary of this series of articles.

▼ The first article: Should you protect yourself from air pollutants with a mask? Or rather by means of medicines?

▼ The second article: What’s the medicine which can boast an astounding long-seller in Japan, where the product competition is very fierce?

▼ The third article: The symptoms don’t improve by taking throat candies... What can be done in such a case?

▼ The fourth article: What is the recommended product for people who dislike taking medicines?

There will be occasional updates for the fourth and subsequent articles, so set a bookmark if we have stirred your interest!

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