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Ryukakusan Direct

A Throat Medicine Used for Over 200 Years that has Evolved for Modern Life

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Ryukakusan is a throat medicine that has been used for over 200 years in Japan to treat coughs, phlegm, and throat pain.
The Ryukakusan brand is now releasing a new granule-type medication “Ryukakusan Direct Stick” and a lozenge-type medication “Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge.”
The stick-type version comes in peach and mint flavors. The lozenge-type is available in a mango and menthol flavor, making it easy to swallow.
The main ingredients are herbal medicines (a natural plant with medicinal properties) such as platycodon root and senega. The components of herbal medicine act directly on the affected areas of the throat’s mucus membranes and activate the throat’s ciliary movements (throat function to expel contaminants that enter the body), and they also help to break up phlegm, soothe coughs, and relieve painful symptoms.


  • Made with natural herbal ingredients.
  • Take without water; refrain from eating or drinking 20-30 minutes after taking.
  • Easy to carry thanks to individual packaging.
  • Ingredients do not cause drowsiness.
  • Contains no sugar, so can be taken before bed.


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Name in Japanese
Ryukakusan Direct Stick: 16pc 700 yen (can be taken by 3 years and older)
Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge: 20pc 600 yen (can be taken by 5 years and older)
※Prices may vary by shop.
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