Would you like to experience what it is like to wear a Kimono? Here you can easily rent and have fun wearing a Kimono in Kyoto!

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In Kyoto, where there are many world-famous temples and shrines, you see many people wearing the traditional dress of Japan, the Kimono. There are certainly many people who would like to wear a Kimono once in their life, but Kimonos are very expensive. They often cost several hundreds of thousands of Yen. What’s more, it’s difficult to put them on, so that there are even special classes where you can learn how to dress a Kimono.

The Chaka Kimono Rental Shop solves these problems by offering a service which enables you to easily enjoy wearing a Kimono. Chaka is a long-established Kimono shop which provides a Kimono rental service designed to offer easy Kimono rental which can be enjoyed to the fullest.

The shop offers Kimonos which can be worn casually and you don’t have to worry because the experienced staff helps you dress.

There are several plans to choose from, the easiest of which is the “Omakase Plan”. For ¥2,800 (excl. tax), the plan includes the basic items Kimono, Obi (sash), Nagajuban (undergarment for kimono), Zori (Japanese sandals) and Tabi (Japanese socks). You can choose from a range of Kimonos which the specialist staff have selected for you, which means you won’t have too many troubles selecting a Kimono. Another popular plan is the “Kodawari Plan” for ¥7,800 (excl. tax). It also includes Kimono, Obi, Nagajuban, Zori and Tabi, but you can keep the Kimono and the Obi, both new products, as a souvenir of you wearing a Kimono in Kyoto.

Depending on the season, there are several further plans on offer and there are also plans for men, so why don’t you just drop by the store and tell the staff what your wishes are. They will surely find the Kimono and plan suitable for you!


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