If you leave Japan from Haneda Airport, come a little earlier and visit the Haneda Airport International Terminal Building! 【cooperated by Tokyo Monorail _ Haneda Airport International Terminal Building】

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Tokyo Monorail, connecting "the sky entrance of Tokyo" Haneda Airport and Central Tokyo. With the cooperation of "Tokyo Monorail", we have been informing through this media on the attractions around the stations connected by "Tokyo Monorail". This time, we'll tell you about the Haneda Airport International Terminal Station, which is also convenient for a last shopping before leaving Japan.

The Haneda Airport International Terminal Station is the spot of departure and arrival for travelers using Haneda Airport. It's a conveniently located station, since the platforms to which trains coming from Hamamatsucho arrive are connected to the Lobby of the Airport and it takes only one minute to go from the ticket gates to the lobby of departures.

The Haneda Airport International Terminal Building, in which this station is located, is a commercial complex with many stores and restaurants. From among all of them, the spot we particularly recommend you to visit is "Edo Koji", on the 4th floor. They sell articles of clothing and elegant small things, perfect for souvenirs, as well as cosmetics, etc., in a town reproducing the times when Samurais lived in Japan. Also, the restaurants are extremely good. The restaurants serving ramen, yakiniku, udon, sushi, etc. are all famous stores that can be confidently recommended in Japan. They are so good that also Japanese gourmets come to Edo Koji just to eat.

Apart from that, there's an area called "TOKYO POP TOWN" (5F), in which creative stores stand side by side and there's a cafe in which you can enjoy meals while contemplating the planetarium, etc., the observation deck (5F), which is the perfect view spot to see the airplanes departing from the runways.

This facility is mainly to enjoy before leaving Japan if arriving a little earlier, because most people will prefer to take the Tokyo Monorail right after arriving in Japan to go to Tokyo Hamamatsucho Station, which is in the central area of Tokyo. Also in the area after going through security, there are food courts and tax free stores. Here you'll find everything you haven't yet bought or eaten in Japan!