The symptoms don’t improve by taking throat candies... What can be done in such a case?

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When they feel a little discomfort in the throat, many people take throat candies. They are easily available at convenience stores, which can be taken at anytime and anywhere. But aren’t there times when the symptoms just won’t improve?

In such cases, you are recommended to try “Ryukakusan Direct Troches Mango”. It is a medicine bearing the name “Ryukakusan”, which is one of the medicines representative of Japan and has an effect on cough, sputum production or a sore throat. When you suck the lozenge and allow it to dissolve slowly in your mouth, the active natural ingredients ease soreness and discomfort in the throat. It is one of Japan’s unique troche against cough and sputum.

While you are taking “Ryukakusan Direct Troches Mango”, menthol and the movement of microbeads ensure that the flavor and the refreshing sensation of the mango fruit remain in the mouth until the end. Being both effective and tasty, this product surely makes a gratefully accepted souvenir! Please give it a try when you come across in a drugstore and other retailers.