What is the recommended product for people who dislike taking medicines?

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In these days, people have more opportunities to take “medicine” in the broad sense of the word than a decade ago. While the frequency of taking medicine to treat illnesses probably has not changed too much compared to before, there are many people taking supplements for beauty and health on a daily basis nowadays.

In such day and age, there are many people who dislike taking medication because of the strain of taking many pills at once, or because it feels as the medicine is left in the throat. Of course, there are many people who have a dislike for medicine as such, saying that they dislike it because of the bitterness which remains in the mouth or the bad smell.
Those kind of people should get to know Ryukakusan Co. Ltd.’s “Raku Raku Fukuyaku Jelly”.

left : Raku Raku Fukuyaku Jelly 200g
1 package contains about 12 portions. Content is 200g, suggested retail price(excl. tax)¥350.
right:Raku Raku Fukuyaku Jelly (stick type) 25g×6
With one stick containing one portion, this stick type is convenient to carry around. Suggested retail price(excl. tax)¥350.

“Raku Raku Fukuyaku Jelly” wrap up the medicine, ensuring that it reaches the stomach smoothly without getting stuck in the throat. Of course, this was developed in a way that it has no resistance on the medical effect and absorption of the medicine.

The features of this Swallowing Aid jelly are that it consists of 85% water, with low-calorie and containing no sugar or allergens. Thus, it can be used safely by people suffering from diabetes or allergies. What’s more, according to findings of Ryukakusan Co. Ltd., the strain put on the throat when taking medication with water, such as the feeling that it got stuck in the throat, or the difficulty to swallow is hardly perceived when taking the medication with the jelly. Moreover, the time it takes for the medicine to reach the stomach is 8 seconds with the jelly, which is less than half of the 18 seconds taking it with water. Though giving a medication for the stuck in the throat may leave a scar and cause a disease, it seems that people don’t care about that. What’s more, the unpleasant smell and taste often found in medicine is alleviated by the jelly.

People who often have to take medication and parents with a child who dislike medicine should by all means think about buying this product. It is sold in drugstores in Japan, amongst other places.