“Nasu Trick Art Museum” underwent a large-scale renewal!

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“Trick Art” is kind of artworks that give people optical “tricks”. When looking at these actually two-dimensional artworks, they look three-dimensional because they appeal to your optical illusions. Or, when looked at from different angles, the same piece of trick art can look completely differently. Trick Art was originally developed by a Japanese company, “SD Corporation”. Given that, on this website that promotes hot topics in Japan, we have introduced the Trick Art museum called “Nasu Trick Art Museum” by SD Corporation before.

“Nasu Trick Art Museum” is located near “Nasu Shiobara station”, which is approximately 70 minutes’ Shinkansen ride from Tokyo station. From the station, it is another 20 minutes’ drive to the museum. Though it may seem a little far from Tokyo, this area is a quite popular destination for many tourists with various magnet attractions scattered around including Nasu Kogen (highland); also known as a hot spring village, Nasu Garden Outlet; a perfect spot for shopping, as well as ski mountains, the zoo and the amusement park.

Circus Zone (1st floor)

6 pieces of Trick Art works are newly displayed. With the renewal, the world of circus is even more vividly represented.

Magic Zone (2nd floor)

7 new pieces in this area. Here, you will get to have fascinating experiences with the pieces themed with “magic”. In fact, the “House of Trick Art Labyrinth?” itself was built upon the same theme.

In total, including the ones listed above, there are as many as 17 new pieces introduced anew after the renewal! This is definitely a spot worth your time to travel from Tokyo.

【Nasu TrickArt Museum】

Address:5760, Takakuko, Nasumachi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi
Business Hours:9:30-18:00 (Winter [Oct.-Mar.] 9:30-17:00, Summer [Aug.] 9:00-18:00)
Admission Fee:
Admission ticket for one house / Adult (ages 15 and older) ¥1,300, Child (4-14 years old) ¥800
Admission ticket for two houses / Adult (ages 15 and older) ¥2,000, Child (4-14 years old) ¥1,300
Admission ticket for three houses / Adult (ages 15 and older) ¥2,700, Child (4-14 years old) ¥1,800

* TrickArt is a trademark of SD Corporation.