Kyoto~ Check out the rare, all natural, chloride hot spring in Arashiyama!

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Sagano Onsen Tenzanno Yu

When you visit Japan, you need to experience the Onsens(hot springs). Many visitors especially want to try Onsens with unique colours and smells rather than just colourless, odourless onsens. Do some research and see whether your destination is located close to an onsen.

This time we want to introduce you to 「Sagano Onsen Tenzanno Yu」 which is conveniently located near Arashiyama in Kyoto, a popular tourist destination in Japan. This Onsen is a day spa which offers 「Kinkakuno yu」, a natural chloride hot spring. This is unique because most onsens in the Arashiyama area are clear and odourless.

Sodium Calcium Chloride water gushes out from 1200 meters underground. It’s a rare quality since the Kyoto Basin is far away from the ocean. It is good for your skin. It eliminates dead skin and its emulsifying property hydrates your skin. It also contains contents similar to「Baby powder」, so after bathing your skin feels lovely and smooth. At 「Sagano Onsen Tenzanno Yu」, the brown coloured spring water is used for broth. 「Kinkakuno yu」 and 「Minoyakitsubo yu」are in open-air areas and are not diluted with tap water. It’s a luxury.

[Onsens(hot springs) of Sagano Onsen Tenzanno Yu]
[Onsens(hot springs) of Sagano Onsen Tenzanno Yu]

After bathing we strongly recommend tasting the delicacies cooked by the Japanese and French chefs. The relaxing spa atmosphere, a variety of bath tubs, and the well chosen cuisine attract tourists as well as locals.

[the delicacies cooked by the Japanese and French chefs]
[the delicacies cooked by the Japanese and French chefs]

The nearest station to the Onsen is 「Arisugawa station」. It’s only a 5 minute walk from the station. The building is an authentic Japanese structure, with an open ceiling and thick beams. The white walls with lanterns make this space feel Japanese modern. We are sure you feel like you are really experiencing Kyoto. Please note that those with tattoos are refused the use of the hot springs.

Overview of Sagano Onsen Tenzanno Yu

Basic information on Sagano Onsen Tenzanno Yu

55-4-7 Miyanomoto-chō, Sagano, Ukyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu
Business Hours
10:00-25:00 (Last admission till 24:00)
3rd Monday of the month(except if it’s national holiday, following day will be closed)
¥1050/Adult, ¥500/4years old~elementary students, Free/under 3 years old