Staying in Kyoto? The newly opened “Machiya Ryokan [Luck you]” located in central Kyoto is highly recommended.

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Written by  makoa187jp

Recently I stayed at 「Kyo-Machiya Luck you Horikawa gojo」 (just launched on June 17th 2016). It’s conveniently located in central Kyoto, just a 6 minute taxi ride from Kyoto station.

The Inn is inside renovated「Kyo Machiya」style townhouses. What are 「Kyo Machiya」style townhouses? Kyoto city municipality defines them as;「wooden houses built prior to the 1950’s in the traditional wooden framework method」. They are usually located in narrow lanes and are attached. Seeing these townhouses fulfills one`s expectations of Kyoto scenery. 「Koushi」is another characteristic of「Kyo Machiya」 architectural design. They are lattice frames installed on gates or windows.

Upon entering there is a spacious lobby with an open ceiling. Workshops and events are hosted here from time to time.

From the lobby I could see the beautiful garden produced by the skillful gardener Mr. Ono Yotaro. His work is well known both in Japan and overseas. This Inn was built by Mr. Yasuhiro Uchida who is a master of renovating and designing 「Kyo-machiya」. I appreciated the sophisticated 「beauty」 and details of Kyoto.

I couldn’t wait to see the guest rooms. 「Guest room 1 Sakura」 shown in the photo, is the biggest room available and comes with a small private garden. The lavatory and bathroom were separate( other rooms comes with a unit bathroom).

I was served a welcome drink. I loved the tea cup they used. The cups were made in a Japanese workshop called 「Utsuwa haku」. This workshop is located near the Inn and I appreciated their unique and detailed work.

The room was so comfortable so I slept so good at night. The complementary breakfast for guests was really good as well. They serve bread from the the popular local bakery as well as local Kyoto pickles. Don’t miss it if you stay there.

I had a relaxing time on the foldable bench at the main entrance called 「Agemise」. There I soaked in Kyoto`s atmosphere. This area is an old downtown section so you will “experience” 「the real Kyoto」. In front of the Inn is a public bath 「Gokouyu」, where you can wash away your travel fatigue. I would say it’s a Kyoto experience.

They offer a rental bicycle service(8:00-20:00, ¥1,000), I recommend cycling in Kyoto.At the front desk, 「Kyoto City Bus & Kyoto Bus One-Day Pass」 are available. You can easily access the tourist spots in the area.

Please enjoy Kyoto to the fullest extent by staying in a traditional Inn.

京町家 楽遊 堀川五条(Luck You Horikawa-Gojo Kyoto)

Address:590-6 Kakimoto-cho, Noboru, Gojo, Kuromon ave. Shimogyo ward, Kyoto city
Access:From JR Kyoto station: 6 min by Taxi.From subway Gojo station: 13 min on foot. / From Gojo-Omiya bus stop: 1 min on foot.