What is Tempura?

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Tempura is a dish where ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables, are dipped into a batter of flour, egg, and water, then fried in oil.


You can then dip it into a special tempura sauce or salt before eating. Tempura is often eaten alongside udon and soba. It is a classic staple on Japanese-style restaurants’ menus. It is also easily found in the side-dish area of supermarkets.

About "Kakiage"

A variety of tempura where finely sliced seafood and vegetables are dipped into the batter and fried together in one mass is called “kakiage,” or known in English as “mixed vegetable and seafood tempura.”

Kakiage / mixed vegetable and seafood tempura
Kakiage / mixed vegetable and seafood tempura

Tempura filling popularity ranking below!

  1. shrimp.
  2. mixed vegetable and seafood tempura.
  3. sweet potato.