Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park

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Kushiro-Shitsugen, otherwise known as Kushiro Marshland, is Japan’s largest wetland and is found in Kushiroheiya, Hokkaido.
Spanning four cities (Kushiro City, Kushiro Town, Shibecha, and Tsurui), Kushiro-Shitsugen is a precious habitat for many species of wildlife, including waterfowl like the nationally protected Japanese crane.
On top of being designated as a natural national treasure, it is also designated as a National Wildlife Sanctuary and a Special Protection Area, and has also been registered in the international treaty of the Ramsar Convention.

There are many observation platforms at the marsh that allow visitors to view Kushiro-Shitsugen from a variety of angles.
If you want to enjoy the sunset over the wetlands, Hosoka Observatory offers lovely views of the Kushiro River and Kushiro-Shitsugen.
For watching the wetlands wreathed in early spring’s fog, or the lush greenery of the marsh in summer, we recommend Hokuto Observatory. (Also known as Satellite Observatory. About 15 minutes on foot from the Kushiro Marsh Observatory.)
To look at the landscape of wetlands and lakes that the marshes have to offer, we recommend the Salvo Observatory and Sarlun Observatory.
Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park offers visitors a taste of magnificent nature like the African savannah while still in Japan.

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Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park

Tsurui, Shibecha, Kushiro Town, and Kushiro City in Hokkaido