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Lake Kussharo

Japan’s largest caldera lake surrounded by abundant nature.

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Lake Kussharo is Japan's largest caldera lake, stretching approximately 20 kilometers north to south, and the largest freshwater lake that freezes over on its entire surface. Mt. Mokoto, which created Lake Kussharo, is known for its volcanic eruptions that covered the entire Hokkaido region with its ash in ancient times.

Surrounded by abundant nature, it is renowned for the quality of its water, and 80% of its sources are said to be spring water. It is also a popular spot for water activities such as yachting and canoeing.

The panoramic view of Lake Kussharo from an observatory on Bihoro Pass, which is 525 meters above sea level, would be spectacular.

Lake Kussharo is also known for its hot springs that gush out from everywhere. It is recommended to visit the free open-air bath Kotan-no-Yu or the Sunayu (sandy beach) where hot water gushes out.


  • Lake Kussharo can be visited throughout the year, but please keep in mind that some spots are closed during the winter.
  • The lake was formed by volcanic activities, and there are many hot springs along its shores.
  • There are also many lodging facilities around the lake.
  • The lake is also famous for the large number of swans that flock to it during the winter.


  • Lake Kussharo from the observatory on Bihoro Pass.

    Lake Kussharo from the observatory on Bihoro Pass.

  • Bihoro Pass Observatory

    Bihoro Pass Observatory

  • The Sunayu at Lake Kussharo

    The Sunayu at Lake Kussharo

  • Many swans come to the lake during the winter.

    Many swans come to the lake during the winter.


  • 宋美溫


  • 黃國維



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Biruwa, Teshikagacho, Kawakamigun, Hokkaido
Take a local bus from Utoro to JR Shiretoko-Shari Station (about 50 minutes), then take a JR train to JR Mashu Station (about 75 minutes).
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